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Do I have ALS or something else?

Ok first I will start by explaining other past/present medical conditions, I’m 20 years old, I am severely overweight(and yes I’m currently on a plan trying to fix that), I have had pleanty of sport related injuries in the past(left hip, dent in inside part of calve, crepitus in both knees from potential minor unchecked knee injuries) and I have been very inactive over the past year an a half(I work bar security from 8pm - 3am and am dead tired, lazing around or sleeping during the day).

Okay back to the story, I have for the past two months had constant twitching and spasms primarily(a fair majority) in my Left leg(mostly in my Quad, sometimes in my Calve and a little at the ankle)

The type of twitches I get varie, they are sometimes quick jerks of the muscle, sometimes quick 5-15 second on and off twitches(that usually stop when I move my leg, but not always) or almost a painless 5 second cramp(almost feels like it f contracts in a quivering way).

I also get twitches(not spasms) in my left left rib, left bicep and tricep sometimes(4-5 times a day). My right leg sometimes(to a rarer extent) twitches and spasms but weirdly it mostly seems synchronized with my left leg(so when I get a spasm in my right leg it’s ussaully at the exact same time as my left and again seems synchronized in the same muscle and at the same time of the left leg though it’s rare when this happens).

On top of all of that I believe I have weakness in my left arm as it feels sometimes shaky and weak(though it can complete the same tasks as the right hand).

All that said when I am active and doing stuff it seems to lessen(either I hardly notice them or they lessen to the degree where I only get a couple twitches/spasms a day all in total)

I’ve been very anxious about it since the first week this has been happening and since I took it to google(I do believe the twitches and spasms got worse once I started researching and getting anxious), to say the least google didn’t really help, because the first thing that popped up was ALS and I kept searching into it(the symptoms I read seem to vary but mention allot of weird muscle action), so I went to a clinic to see a doctor, she didn’t say I did or I didn’t have it(she couldn’t confirm anything) but she did say I had a little weakness in my left hamstring and that I likely had tendinitis in the left Hamstring (though I did workout the night before for strength tests to see if I had ALS). I went back about a month ago(to get it re-evaluated, the potential Tendonitis) and a different said my legs where very strong(she was very vague, I have no clue if it got better or not). Today the same symptoms are happening

Sorry for the long read I thought I would ask as I’ve been anxious day and night(allot of sleepless nights) fearful of ALS ever since I’ve researched it.
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