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Do smartphones affect the nerves in our body?

  I keep my iPhone in a belt case on my left hip. Oftentimes I am feeling what seems to be the vibration of my phone ringing, but it's not and not nearly the intensity of the phone's actual vibrations. Usually the 'sensation' lasts between 1 to 3 seconds and it's directly behind the phone.
  In all fairness, I experience Sciatica as well to my left side region, but that consists more of pain in my lower back and lower left butt, not tingling sensations. This 'ringing vibration' is waist height and, seriously, immediately behind where the phone is stored.
  Can it be that we don't know all there is to know about what effects the internal autonomous actions these phones do while 'idle' are causing to our nervous systems when seeking WiFi connections, refreshing apps, GPS stuff, etc.?
  Maybe this is the Sciatica and I'm overthinking the sensation due to the location and the randomness of it, but it's odd and concerning. Too often I'm checking my phone for messages is the questionable intensity and duration of the 'vibration'. It's short and too much like a 'notification', but not.

Call me crazy.

I have an appointment with a neurologist coming in June to address a familial tremor and the sciatica. (Maybe should be a Psychiatrist?) I'll ask him as well about 'vibration like', localized, tingling. I'll also shift the phone or pocket it to see what happens, but anyway, it's strange stuff reading of other people's concerns about these phones emitting dangerous waves, not only the general concern to human interaction, reality, and society.

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Just a layperson's opinion:
1. The phone has two things going on.  Radio waves and electrical current.  I don't know about radio waves but if you have ever used a TENS unit, you know current impacts nerves and muscles.
2. If ou experience pain while using the phone, particularly texting or browsing and that pain is in our hands or arms, it's most likely something like carpel tunnel, cubital tunnel or other repetitive motion type of situation.  (I have both!)

Switch where you wear the phone and see if the sensation moves with the phone.  I think its theoretically possible for your brain to trick you into thinking the phone moves and change the sensation to new location, but at least it's a step in the direction of figuring it out.
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Ive experienced pains in my forearms while using an iPhone 7 ,  I definitely believe so.

The fatcats at Apple have less regard for their customers safety than they do wiping some dog crap off the bottom of their shoe. Raking in billions is all they care about.Theyve demonstrated this by sweeping the Apple Watch injuries under the rug and giving victims the run around.
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I experience the same sensation.  Whenever my phone is in my pocket or close to my skin.  I experience the same with Fitbits.  I also experience numbness/tingling on the fingers I am touching the screen on my phone as well (I usually hold My phone with one hand and type with the other or put my phone down and type with only hand bc of it).  People think I'm crazy.
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I experience the same feeling in my thumbs while scrolling on my iPhone.  It can become pretty uncomfortable at times.
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