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Dont know what to do anymore! PLEASE HELP!

I have been having problems for probably 3 years now, and yet no answer and symtoms get stranger by time, spent alot of money on doctors and tests with no diagnostic, google searched everything coming back with crazy illnesses, well hopfully i can get some help from here! first i have been having vision problems started with floaters now with very blurry vision like VGA quality mostly at night, ringing ears , tingly hands and feet comes and goes, lower back pain, latley heaviness in left arm, somtimes cheek, lasts about a hour and goes, minor headaces more than often. im 21 barley drink, smoke 5 cigarettes a day, yes do have stress who dosent, not over weight, blood pressure at resting point no more than 78 max! wear contacts, blood sugar reccently checked its normal and also i have noticed latley that i have been having yellow semen for the past 8 months...would i be at high risk of stroke? or mini strokes? do i have brain damage? am i crazy? should i spend more money on nothing usefull? should i wait it out?? PLEASE HELP!
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Also would like to know when they investigate MS, too, if it turns out to be the problem.  That goofs up the eyes first, and can make the rest of you feel strange, too.
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Yes, sure.  If you have, for example, indeed wrenched your neck, the nerves go from the spine to various places closest to it.  So, it makes some sense that your nerves aren't working like they're supposed to because of pressure being on them, so you'll get numbness, tingling, that heavy feeling you're talking about.  I was in a car wreck that fractured and compressed primarily my thoracic spine, and the nerves go out from there right around my chest, and for a couple weeks, I swear I was in so much pain in my chest that I could hardly breathe.  

On the heaviness, another thing I can compare it to is myself again, my lumbar spine is also tore up, less so than the thoracic spine, but as I've aged, that part of my back hurts the worst now, and my legs have neuropathy in them, and I get that heavy feeling in my lower body a lot, altho tingling, numbness, and pain all work on me, too.

But as for it being a stroke, while I am not as sure about that as I am some of these other things, if you can get a scan of your neck done, they can also do one of your head, and that would reveal if you suffered a stroke.  That's how they normally go about diagnosing a brain insult.  I think that would be a good idea.  First thing I said in my first post was get a scan of your neck and perhaps spine, so add onto that a scan of your brain!  I think that is a very good point.  In fact, if you find out your symptoms were actually caused by a stroke, by golly come back and let us know, if you can still find your post.
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Wow that is some really good information I appreciate your help! But most thing that has been conserning me latley is the heaviness I have been feeling from my left shoulder down to my arm, and sometimes cheek, it's been for a couple of days but I hope it's not some kind of mini stroke... Do you think it's something related to my back pain like you said might be causing pressure on my nerves?
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I think a scan of your neck and perhaps lower back would be helpful to rule out anything squeezing on some nerves in either or both places.  If you wrench your neck, you can get ringing in the ears and your hands can get tingly.  Your feet doing this too, plus your complaint of pain in lower back, suggests you may have arthritis in your spine.  If they've scanned your upper spine and you back is fine, then it's POSSIBLE seeing a massage therapist for a few visits just might unkink some muscles in your neck enough to where your ears and hand symptoms go away, possibly even your feet stuff.  By the way, if perchance you work out, stop it for a while, just do aerobics, and drink extra water for the duration, until you determine it ain't got nothing to do with it.

I would think of your eyes as separate for now.  Naturally you see an eye doc or you wouldn't have contacts.  But could be you need a prescription change for your eyes.  They can change a lot when you are in your 20s and even 30s.  Use diff drops for your contacts, or wear regular glasses for a while.  Just see if any of that helps.

Ears will ring for a number of reasons. I know you said you take no medicines, but ordinary aspirin is something that can indeed cause the ears to ring!  With your various discoforts, could be you happen to be doing overtime on what seems to be a normal drug.

Now, the larger main items that can cause your symptoms are some kind of disease process or infection.  People tend to throw everything under the bus of Lyme disease, but actually you sort of fit that profile.  In addition, MS is the first thing that came to my mind, because it affects the vision first, and causes oddball things to act up nerve-wise in diff parts of the body.  Both of those can be detected with tests directed at them.  I think you can see a neurologist for those things, as both of them cause nerve-related problems.  

Now, let's say you have some sort of whole-body type infection, it's like having toxins in your body, and it'll wreck pretty much every function you got, so while they may have looked for standard intestinal bacterias or meningitis or STD-like stuff, they may not have done a more thorough look at unusual infections.  This is where your semen color may come into play, altho I have to say that it can turn yellow for a few very benign sorts of reasons, like eating lots of garlic or not ejaculating for long periods of time.

Hopefully, tho, and maybe not so hopefully, someone else will jump on here and identify with you immediately and can steer you a lot better than I can.  But I wanted to at least give you some information that may lead to a diagnosis.  Now, I understand you've had lots of tests.  The LAST thing you need is...MORE tests.  So, if you would talk to your regular doc about anything here that sems about right, or hasn't been tested, then HE can sort thru that and come up with a minimum couple tests or specialists to have a look at you again.

However, with that said, I would first of all go back to your eye doc, preferably an opthalmologist who also does eyeglass lenses, tell him the symptoms in your head, and let him make sure your eyes themselves are okay, give you a new vision script, and then you should only wear real glasses and no drops for a while.  If your eyes clear up, that is an amazingly good sign.  That sort of takes MS off the list and most scary stuff.  At that point, I'd say it's likely you've got arthritis in your spine.  But anyhow, that's when you can see your regular doc and let him decide.  I hope this helps you out.
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also not on any meds no allergies
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