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EMG results abnormal.

Hello all,

I recently received my results from my EMG. Some back story, I was hit by a drunk driver while I was parked. My seat-belt was on, I have bursitis in my shoulder and I now have this tickling/tingly sensation down my arm to my finger tips. The doctor ordered an EMG to see if there was any nerve damage. The EMG came back that I had nothing which he believed to be related to the car wreck. He did say that I have something chronic though. I will type the report how he worded it. "Borderline findings of chronic denervation/re-innervation affecting several myotomes of the left arm would not be related to patients auto injury as timing of such that acute denervation, if present, should be detected. Whereas it is too soon for chronic re-innervasion to occur.

The report also stated that there are borderline findings of long-duration motor units in the left deltoid, bi-ceps, first dorcal interosseous.

My findings of these were under the "dur" category (whatever that means) and were +1 whereas all the other findings said nml (I'm assuming for normal).

When I typed in denervation and re-innervation some of the first things that popped up were ALS and other diseases. I'm only 30 years old so it freaking me out a little bit. This is a workers comp claim, and I believe my main doctor will order additional tests but that appointment isn't for a couple more weeks. If anyone can help me understand any of this test result to help ease my fears I would greatly appreciate any help.
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I didn't know how to edit the post, before the car wreck, I had no issues with tingling or anything in my arm. I have had no cramps in my legs, I get the occasional crap in my foot, but I've gotten cramps on and off since I was a kid throughout my body. Mostly due to charlie horses. Other then that I have no other symptoms. My hand strength is normal, I just have the tingling sensation which goes to mostly my ring and middle finger, with the occasional thumb and pinky.
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