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Eagles syndrome and excutiating pain

well I was only diagnosed a few months ago but I also have begining stages of barrets hihertle hernia severe acid reflux and had l-4 and l-5 shaved off becuase of pressure on the syatic nerve which now the scare tissue has attacched the same nerve with more dynamic results than before the back surgery any way I am only 43 yrs old and I'm falling apartI went off all nacotics and have been tylenoling it and extra sleepy time tea which seems to help some what to sleep. Well I have one thing to say to the people out there is this eagle syndrome takes the cake on top of all of that nobody really understands it or knows what it is I have found more out tonight then since they diagnosed me I thought i only had a bad ear infection But I've been having trouble swallowing for several yrs small stuff even Well to get to the point Sat. the esqrutiating pain started in my ear and throught I tryed talking to the doc after all to get the surgery scheduled but like so many of us now days my Job closed it's doors then to top it off My deductible went up 3 times fold .Tue. night I went to the Emergency after 2vicodine 10/325 to no relief at the emergency rm the gave me ashot of dilanta ? it didn't work then another of something else which only worked from 8PM to 115am to end this today which is thu. the sharp pain has subsided for now any way but still in pain The Doc asked me if I had psycological problems because I had stated If I would have been able to remove whatever this is even if it took putting a hole in my throught was very tempting Not That I would Or could but nobody seems to understand how much pain I was in the last few days and all looked at me like I was nuts so What do I do Now
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Please let me know ASAP who did your surgery.. I have eagles and live in your area..have seen so many people who dont know anything.
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I can relate to what you are saying. I had surgery for this in 1996. At the time, there was nothing to be found about Eagle Syndrome. I saw countless ENT's. I had a constant pain that literally felt like I could pull something out of my throat ( foreign body sensation). It radiated to my ear drum. It would awaken me from a sound sleep. I would also feel faint when I turned my head. I had strange tingling sensations on my face and head. It felt terrible, constantly. I kept pursuing answers, my Dr's all thought I was crazy. I was diagnosed with everything from TMJ to psychological issues! It wasn't until my tonsil swelled up to double the normal size that it was discovered - accidentally. I saw yet another ENT who believed it was cancer in the tonsil. While having a tonsillectomy, he said something strange happened that he had not seen in 30 years of surgery - he hit bone! He was excited about this finding. It had grown so large that it came through the tonsil. Years of suffering, instant relief! Of course I sent that information to all of the prior ENT's who thought I was a nut case. All of whom got in contact with me because they wanted to learn more and had never heard of it. Sadly, many years later, those symptoms returned - it's back again, this time bilaterally. My sister also has it, it caused problems in her carotid artery. I was happy to finally find a Dr. (not my original surgeon), who knows more about this than most other Dr's. I don't know if I can give his name in this forum? 3D CT is great for seeing what other structures it is/has interfered with. Best of luck to you, there is light at the end of the tunnel!
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