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Frequent muscle twitches all over body, is that a concern?

For as long as I can remember I’ve had frequent muscle twitches, my calves almost always twitch when I sit down at first, my eyelids and facial muscles will twitch often, I feel twitches deep in my chest and back, my arms and even my hands and feet. They aren’t big twitches, I have complete control of my muscles and they cause no pain. They aren’t enough to actually move a muscle or cause an involuntary movement (besides my finger or toe) but you can see a slight fold in the skin wherever they are (neck, arms etc) I have always been petite but don’t have any weakness to indicate wasting, I’m on my early 20’s now and did see a couple neurologists at a very respect university hospital in my state who said they didn’t notice much concern. They offered EMG but said it would be low yield for me and weren’t terribly concerned. I visited them as I was born with lamellar cataracts (which are non syndromal before anyone says they are linked to muscular disorders because mine aren’t known to be) and had bilateral ptosis of my eyelids, it’s very minor and I never knew I had it until a dr pointed it out, I also have a moderate level of hyperextendible joints 6/9 on the range test. So technically I qualify as a hyper mobility disorder but just barely and I was told that’s pretty common.

I’m going back to see the Neurologists here soon(5 year check up is their procedure although they told me I didn’t have to come) and I’m wondering if I should ask for EMG given the twitches all over my body. I know benign muscle twitches are common and brought on by a lot of things but I’m just wondering if mine are more than the norm.
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