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Hand swelling with EXTREME pain

I am 26 and experiencing numbness and swelling in mostly my right hand.  My hand actually swells so much that other people notice without me saying anything.  Also with the swelling there is EXTREME PAIN.  The pain and swelling doesn't SEEM to be in my joints or wrist.  I can only describe this type of pain in one way.. I feel like my whole hand is exploding from the inside. It hurt so bad all i could do is roll around on the floor and yell.  The only other time this happened was a year ago and it was both hands (happened couple times a week for a month or so).  This was also during the time i was diagnosed with depression and once diagnosed with depression no one really believes anything is wrong...its supposedly all psychosomatic.I was prescribed refelex? (or 500mg nabutome?) that makes me feel terrible...only took it twice.  I went for a second opinion and that doctor also suggested carpal tunnel...only prescribing a wrist brace... she mentioned fibromyalgia when i tried to discuss depression symptoms of stiffness/pain all over my body.  I did not have any reaction to "the pressure points" associated with fibromyalgia and she quickly changed her mind and diagnosed carpel tunnel and suggested the swelling was due to "increased sodium intake? (she asked nothing of my diet and i'm 112lb picky eater.)  Also both doctors asked me to bend my wrist a certain way and it had no effect on my wrists or hands.  I have too many symptoms to post on here... but since the hand swelling i'm experiencing more and more fatigue and can't remember anything .. literally days are passing that I cannot remember what I did.  My doctor keeps saying she's going to refer me to a neurologist... but i haven't been able to get them to actually refer me....they just want me back in a month-- in the meantime i'm losing another job because i feel so terrible
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hey that is crazy i'm going through the same thing at this moment !!1 i've been having pain ,swelling both feet ,hands for over 2 yrs now i was told I was depressed , now i'm seeing a hand specialist he said he don't see nothing wrong gave me a theraputic glove ,just took the carpal tunnel test a few days ago , I have loss of energy to the point it's taking a toll on my kids , marriage and still at this point no answer to what going on with my body
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Hope you are feeling better.
Some of the causes of hand swelling include carpal tunnel syndrome, hypothyroidism, thrombosis of axillary vein, obesity, lymphedema. Pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome also need to be ruled out.
Please discuss these possibilities with your PCP and undergo further evaluation. Take care!

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