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Hand tremors in child

My son's hands tremble especially in the morning.  He has been checked for diabetes and they say his BS is fine. Wondering about ADD or adrenal issue. He has some mild symptoms of ADD (like skin senistivity, impulsive, can't retain information very long, forgets stuff if he concentrates too hard) but just started first grade and only time will tell.  Do children with ADHD have hand tremors? He's very healthy, intelligent, well behaved although a little impulsive, sleeps and eats great.  We try to control sugar intake. Anybody seen shakey hands in a kid like this. It seems to be worse in the morning and if he's running around being active.  It slightly effects his writing. It makes him feel nervous and unable to sit still at times.
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My daughter was diagnosed with benign essential tremor before the age of 2 (shakey hands) and was diagnosed last week with ADHD (age of 9).  The pediatric neurologist told us several years ago that the ET was caused by neuron connections that didn't completely form.  The more I read about ADHD, it sounds very similar.  I'm wondering if the two aren't connected.  Her tremors are also worse in the morning and also whenever she isn't getting enough rest.  The ADHD is just being diagnosed, but her father and I have know for awhile that this is what her issue was, but took forever to get through all of the testing.
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