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Headache, dizziness, numbness in hands, and tremors when lying down.

I have been having a number of weird sensations when going from standing to prone(lying on stomach) lately and it has been worrying me. I will list them all and elaborate after: feeling like the circulation to my head is being choked/blocked, pressure in head, tunnel vision, numbness in hands and lips,disorientation and confusion, and dizziness, I also had trouble getting up at an examination today where I experienced some uncontrollable shaking as I was trying to stand back up and recover from this type of experience, which hasn't really happened before.

My doctor said that he thought that it may just be a reaction to stress, or PTSD from prior combat experience, but to me it feels as if there is something causing pressure in either the upper left side of my neck(near the artery/jawline) or in the left side of my head(left temple area and above the left eye). These occurrences have been increasing in regularity and I now often feel pressure in my head when not in the prone position and it has been of enough concern for me to make an account on here after consulting with my physician today.

The only thing I can compare this 'pressure' to is to a training exercise in Army "combatives" school where we were willingly choked(blood choked by constricting the arteries on either side of the neck) unconscious to become familiarized with what it felt like to on the verge of a loss of consciousness. That is the same feeling I experience when lying in the prone on my stomach. It is not every time, but it is frequent and seems to be getting more common.

I am normally not one to worry about medical issues, especially symptoms but these symptoms seem as if they could be something serious, and I don't want to be one of those "if you would have come in sooner" cases. Additionally, I am not one to nay-say a physician, but I don't think that I conveyed how worried I was about the situation, and I don't think that he understood how worried I was about this. I have a neurology appointment scheduled(not sure on the date yet) and I go back into the clinic tomorrow to have some labs run, but other than that he seemed to just kind of brush it off as a stress reaction with no real further thought.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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I forgot to add that the pressure in my head also seems to throb with my pulse, and this same pressure feeling happens often when I bend over to pick something up or lower my head below my waist/heart. I can often "hear" my pulse as a swooshing sound in my ears during this type of experience. The pressure/pain while bending over can be fairly painful and I often have to stand upright and go back to what I was doing.
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