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Help me understand my MRI results

Can someone please help me understand my recent MRI results.

This is what the report shows word for word:

Findings: There is good position and alignment of the cervical spine with straightening of the cervical lordosis. There is a mild narrowing of the anterior C4-5 and C5-6 disc spaces. Degenerative signal is seen within each cervical disc. Bone marrow signal is normal.

C3-4: Mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis is present due to mild facet disease. There is a trace central disc protrusion causing trace central stenosis.

C4-5: A small facet spur causes mild left neural foraminal stenosis. There is no right neural foraminal stenosis. Mild broad-based disc bulge causes mild canal stenosis with trace effacement of the anterior cord.

C5-6: Disc spur complex is causing moderate canal stenosis with effacement of the anterior cord but no impingement or signal abnormality. This is worse on the right than the left. There is severe right and mild to moderate left neural foraminal stenosis due to uncinate and facet spurs.

C6-C7: There is a 4 mm far lateral right disc protrusion effacing the right cord and causing severe right neural foraminal stenosis. There is no left neural foraminal stenosis.

I am in an extreme amount of pain constantly, and I am slowly losing the use of my right arm. I am being sent to a Neurosurgeon, and I am wondering how urgent this surgery is. I am also concerned about the weakness in my right arm being permanent. I have had neck pain off and on for 11 years, but I have only been experiencing the nerve pain for the last year. Will the partial paralysis be permanent?

Thank You!
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They want him to see a Neurosurgeon because he has moderate canal stenosis and severe right sided foraminal stenosis at C5-6 .

As well as effacing of the spinal cord secondary to a disc protrusion and severe right sided foraminal stenosis at C6-7. Those are several very good reasons to see a Surgeon, not to mention the fact that he's in constant very severe pain.

It's going to take a little more than Physical Therapy and Prednisone to fix this.
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you just described my MRI to a tee except the 4mm protrusion. Let me know what you find out, the doctors seem to dismiss it as not too serious, but my neck pain is excrutiating, daily "neckaches", I am loosing alot of strength in my left arm/shoulder. I have a peripheral neuropathy and I wonder if that is causing the pain or if there is a nerve being squished. Why did they want you to see a neurosurgeon?
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I sent you a PM about your question.
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Hello, Thank you for posting your question to the forum. Your reports suggest that you have cervical stenosis. This stenosis usually occurs mostly in old people (age >50). Sometime young people with spine injury or a narrow foraminas at spines are also at risk and disorders like arthritis and scoliosis may cause spinal stenosis as well. If stenosis is not severe, symptoms could appear gradually or not at all. Common symptoms include pain in your neck or back, numbness or tingling, weakness or pain in your arms or legs, and leg problems. Common treatments include pain killer medications, physical therapy, back or neck braces and surgery. Hope this helps.

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