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Help please - visual Allochiria

Hi, I’m hoping someone very smart in this sub will be able to answer me, lately I swear to god if I move my finger in my right eyes temporal vision, I “really” think I can see a shadowy reproduction of it occur in my left eyes temporal vision, the only thing that describes it is “ Visual allochiria” although that’s due to brain damage? Wouldn’t I know if I had brain damage? Is there anyway of telling if what I’m describing is linked to it, I went to a doctor (GP) and they were so confused what I was talking about...

I’m 23, healthy. I do NOT see a duplicate image, example: my finger doesn’t appear as another finger in the opposite eye, it just appears as a shimmering very-very faint shadow following the same movement, I know this sounds odd but no one understands what I’m saying!

(It is not flopped/titled/no foreground/background). I also SWEAR I can see it even if I close my left eye and make a movement in my right eye.
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If both eyes are open, you are seeing your finger by both eyes, not just one even if you just hold the finger in front of one eye.  If it's very close to the eye, you will see a shadow image.  But it's just one eye seeing directly whereas the other eye is seeing with peripheral vision.  It's also possible you have an astigmatism, which would make one eye better focused than the other.  Wouldn't worry about it.
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No. The finger I’m moving is in my far far peripheral of my right eye, near my ear - it’s not a shadow, it’s not anywhere near my other eyes VOF.
My finger is nowhere near my face, it’s arms length it is absolutely not a shadow and doesn’t even come close to my other eye, if I close my right eye and do it - the image is still visible in my right eye even ****, that’s why I titled it that condition. Would I know if I had brain damage?
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