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High Igm level: Problem still undiagnosed.

Hi, I am a 30 yrs old man. I got exposed to toxic chemical fumes (possible carcinogens) for 30min ~ 4 months ago. I developed (a) frontal headache in every morning and (b) pain on the right rib side in the lower half of the rib. Rib pain is mild and no improvement in 4 months, infact it appears to be spreading to right back as well. Morning headache improved after having amoxicilline for 10days but I still have mild pain in the forehead and temple area everyday. (c) Recently I started having numbness feeling in my hand fingers. (d) Have had few drops of blood in the dry nasal mucus from right nostril few times, or trace of blood when I blow my nose sometimes.

Abnormal Blood work: High Igm (497 (Lab max. 230)), Elevated Gamma Globulin (1.7 (Lab max. 1.6) measured on Feb1, and 1.47 (Lab max. 1.33) measured on Feb11).  Increased polyclonal immunoglobulins.
kappa appears increased (2.41 (Lab max. 1.94)), but lambda is w/in the range (1.94 (Lab max. 2.63), and kappa/ lambda is w/in range (1.24, (Lab max. 1.65)).

Normal Blood work: CBC, CMP, ESR, CRP, CK, Vit D, Vat B12,Diabetese, Hep. A/B/C, Complement 3 &4, Rhematoid factor, ANA, LACTATE DEHYDROGENASE, DNA AUTOABS DOUBLE STRANDED, SCLERODERMA ANTIBODY SCL 70, ENA ANTIBODIES (SM AND SM/RNP). All came normal

Eco, Lungs CT angio, Head CT and Head MRI, Rib Xray. They all came normal.

My immunologist was suspecting myloma as I am complaing rib wall pain, but my immunofixation result is polyclonal. He couldn't find anything wrong w/ liver or any auto-immune diseases to attribute my symptoms (Headache, rib-pain and the numbness feeling in my hand fingers). I am afraid if I may still have myloma, or is there any other infection/disease that can explain my symptoms? like somebody said it could be poly neuropathy, any idea? Any suggestion for any test, or what could be wrong w/ me would be heartly appreciated? I was very healthy since last 8 years and never had any health issues until this chemical inhalation. Thanks very much.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

A disorder called fibromyalgia can produce these symptoms (tenderness). Sometimes repetitive injuries or strain can also produce these symptoms. Inflammation of the muscles, joints and surrounding soft tissues like bursa can also cause pain. NCS, nerve conduction studies may show the effects on the nerve. If there is compression on the nerves it needs to be relieved. So, please discuss these options with your doctor and if needed you can consult an orthopedician.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Thanks Doc for your response. I'll request my Neuro Dr to order NCV as you suggested. I never had any injury or strain though. All started after chemical exposure. My pcp is sending me to hematologist for any possible blood disorder as I have elevated kappa light chain and high Igm. I hope Hemat. doc rules out any blood disorder as most of them are life threatening. Unfortunately my persistent symtoms (rib pain and headache) are matching w/ disease like myloma, Waldenstrom. I wonder if there is anything else (preferable benign) that missed out and can cause high Igm and kappa light chain? My ESR and CRP came normal, is there a possibility to still have inflammation? Regards. -Ravi
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