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Hit to head

How many brain cells are lost from a hard hit to the head, for example, being hit on the head with a plastic lantern and not experiencing any severe symptoms? What is the maximum amount of brain cells that can be lost without affecting the memory or mathemtaics prowess?
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How many angels are on the head of a pin?

You ask an impossible question.

Damage is generally due to ischemia, or lack of oxygenation, secondary to swelling which impinges on the blood vessels.

If there is no swelling there is little liklihood of damage.
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Hi, Thank you for your question. First it is essential to get (MRI) done to detect the brain or spinal abnormalities after that injury. Then only anything can be concluded along with your lists of symptoms. Hope this helps.
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As caregiver mentioned it is impossible to find out how may brain cells lost.

There are many cases where people had severe injury and part of the brain removed and still function almost normal.  Again there are cases where it is considered Concussion and suffered from memory loss, executive functioning etc.,

MRIs/CT scans can only show gross injuries and not at ultra-microscopic level.  You can get an MRI and find out if you have any of that but it won't give how many lost.

Just look out for symptoms and if there is nothing noticeable you just keep moving on.
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So you have to experience a concussion to lose brain cells?
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No.  Point is no one knows how many brain cells you lose by what.  Even by drinking alcohol you can lose brain cells.
Why people suffer after concussion may not be just because they lost brain cells.  It could be various  other reasons.
Brain is the most complex machine in the world.  For peace of mind consult a doctor/get an MRI if needed.  If you have no symptoms they won't do any scanning probably and you are fine and you move on.
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When I asked If you have to experience concussion to lose brain cells; I meant from a physical act (like a hit) as opposed to a chemcial reaction like drinking alcohol?

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I am not sure anyone will be able to answer accurately since a concussion is a jarring to the brain and what happens physically in/on the brain no one knows.
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