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How serious are these M.R.I. results? Please eleborate.

Hello all, just hoping to get some answers since my next Doctors appts. are so far away and I need to make more sense of what is going on. My symptoms are loss of sensation and numbness, tingling in my right leg only. Under my thigh has random spots of incredible pain as well as my ankle, calf, and buttocks/lower back. Urinating is always an emergency and I've been needing a cane to get myself anywhere. I'm 27. Here are my results.

Mild kyphosis. Vertebral body heights are  maintained. Mild          
multilevel disc space narrowing and end plate Schmorl's  nodes. Bone  
marrow signal and thoracic spinal cord appear unremarkable.          
Multilevel disc protrusions/extrusions involving the mid to lower    
thoracic spine. Mild central canal narrowing at T6-7, T8-9 and        
T9-T10.  No significant neural foraminal narrowing.                  


Multilevel degenerative disc disease with mild central canal          
narrowing as described.  

Lumbar Spine:

T12-L1:  Unremarkable.                                                
L1-2: Unremarkable.                                                  
L2-3: 3 mm left paracentric  disc bulge, indenting upon the ventral  
sac. This, in conjunction with  facet and ligamentous hypertrophy    
results in mild canal stenosis and  mild narrowing of the neural      
L3-4: There is mild canal  stenosis with mild narrowing of the neural
foramens, attributed mainly  to facet hypertrophy.                    
L4-5: 3 mm central disc bulge, which in  conjunction with facet and  
ligamentous hypertrophy results in moderate  canal stenosis and      
moderate narrowing of the neural  foramens.                          
L5-S1: 5 mm right paracentric disc bulge, indenting upon  the ventral
sac, and causing mass effect on the right-sided S1 nerve  root, but  
it is within the spinal canal. There is no canal stenosis at  this    
level. There is moderate narrowing of both neural  foramens.          

Degenerative changes as described.  The most prominent disease is at  
L4-5 and L5-S1.                                                      
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Forgot to say I was a Male, if that makes a difference.
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