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Hydrophaelus Doctors

How come everyone is telling me that the brain fluid can not move or swish back and forth ?
I had a  CT scan got back the results and they keep saying nothing has changed! Now that is certainly not what my body is telling me.
I have tried over and over again to explain as simply as I can what is happening. The doctor takes out the CT scan and tells me that the brainfluid is not moving anywhere . I cannot be any clearer, "The brainfluid most certainly can move and it does move. Do you know when I heard how a tsunami starts and where it ends up that is exactly the way the fluids in my brain are working. Working too much with my head in a downwards possition the brain fluid moves forward.  Then once I have sat down for around 10-20 minutes the brainfluid swishes from back to front. Making me want to vommit and losing my balance.  Showing me the scan results means absolutely nothing. This is a photo nothing more or less. A second or minute photo! Now if you were able to take a moving photo of what the brain is doing then and only then you could convince me. I am not impressed.  I know exactly what and how I am feeling. I am not a child. Even when I was a child the adults didn't beleive anything I said.

Guess how that turned out.......I did have water in the brain. Only after turning 32 yrs old I finally proved my point.
I will not be around for the next 32 yrs to prove this point. However , I do have respect for the Neurologists. Its just the way they go about trying to prove me wrong that burns a hole in my soul.
Just because your equipement is not yet advanced enough to see it happen., does not mean that the patient do not know what is going on. I know that they are hesitating to do anything for me because of the dangers involved.
I am truely grateful that they have learned so much already.  I will be continueing with the homeopathic helpers. I will come in for a scan once in awhile.  For the rest , I can only say sit back and watch. I knew a lot of fluids had drained.  There is  a lot of nerve damage left to which no one can fix.
My hearing is taking a backwards leap. I just pray that my eyes do not follow. I have been lipreading for a while now.
My brain is not registering sounds, there is nothing wrong with my ears as the specialist had pointed out.
I used to hear the stent shut on and off.
I can only register the difference when it turns on that I need to use  the lu more often.
The doctor also explained that patients with a hydrophaelus often have  incontinence! Hence the reason when I sit to urinate when I feel the pressure on the bladder , I cannot feel any pressure once I sit on the toilet. I have two years left in which I will find out what happens next!
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  Hi...there is a MRI that can show the CSF moving, it is a CINE MRI the CINE stands for cinema so this is a moving account of the fluid.......

I know about this as I have had one.

Have u had a LP to see that u have increased ICP?
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They have done nothing other than a CT scan of course. They had wanted to do an allergy  test but I have done that with my homeopathic doctor and do not feel the need to do it with the specialists. I found out what I can not or can  eat or be around.
I asked the specialists here about a cine scan , They ignored me.
However, Selma the fluids do not move sraight away . They move after a short period of time. I had my husband move my strawberry plants because I can not work too long without losing my balance and falling over.
They just keep scanning away and do not have any ideas what so ever. They are just so happy the fluids are finally draining.
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  Have u had testing to see if there was an obstruction of the fluids?

A bulging disk, a cyst, or low lying cerebral tonsils?

Do u have a copy of ur CT scan and the report?...if not call the facility that did the study and request them....u may have to go and sign a consent form for them to send it to u....but going forward request copies of all testing when u go in for them so u have it to get another opinion.

If u have an issue with the CSF fluids being blocked no matter how long or short a time, I would want to know y....so push for more testing.
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