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I breathed in 2 spray paint cans

while I was spray-painting a table. The second can I sore a paper mask, but didn't realize that didn't do anything to protect me against the solvents. I did this outside. The spray paint had Toluene.

This was several days ago. Since then I have been suffering from various symptoms - blurry vision, headaches, mild pain during movement of hands and fingers, and very slight tremors/chills accompanied by labored breathing.

I took 3-4 doses of Vitamin A (25,000 iu as beta-carotene), Vitamic C, and Vitamin E as anti-oxidants. I have since stopped taking the Vitamin A.

I'm really worried about the neurological effects of the spray paint on my system. I'm not regularly exposed to paint as this is the only time I ever painted anything.

Was my exposure to 2 cans sufficient to cause serious harm to by health?
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The point is "seeing a doctor" is meaningless because there is no treatment. The only thing you end up with is a medical bill. Up to $1,000 in an ER. The only reason top consult a physician would be to treat a respiratory disorder, which would unlikely, but be immediate and transient. There is an insignificant chance of organ and bladder damage.
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I contacted the Poison Control Center, and I got conflicting responses. Some said my Toluene exposure was minor and shouldn't have manifested in symptoms lasting weeks.

Others said my Toluene exposure was serious and that I should see a doctor.

I do have mild chills still, esp. when standing up. I also wake up in the morning feeling like I wet myself or urinated in my sleep. My undershorts are wet this morning and my bladder always feel very full. Is this a sign of kidney damage?
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It means a question to which there is no possible answer.
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"how many angels are on the head of a pin" - what does that mean?
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That is a "how many angels are on the head of a pin" question. That being said, the answer is probably not.
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