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I felt a pop in head, had headache since, is this serious?

About two weeks ago I was pushing in the restroom, not very hard at all, and felt a pop on the left side of my head, right where my hairline is. pushed again, felt two more pops on the top of my head like air bubbles. after I quit and walked out the bathroom I felt a warm sensation and developed a bad headache where it popped. Went to the ER and had a CT scan done, didn't find anything. They sent me off with a pamphlet about how to treat headaches. But it's been weeks and I've still been having a terrible headache and my head has popped a few more times using the restroom. The headache varies in intensity from day to day and time to time but its constant and it feels like someone is squeezing the sides of my head after punching the crown of my head a few times. Got bad bad pain at the base of my head where it connects to my neck as well. Every now and then my face and arms get numb like I can't feel them. I get this distant feeling like im backing out of my head and I feel like I'm going crazy or that im going to pass out and die. I also got tingling on my forehead once or twice. All since this popping has happened. I have hashimotos, bad stress and anxiety, POTS, vasovagal syncope, and bad posture. What could be causing this???
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The popping sensation occur when you turn the head? Could be neck tongue syndrome if you have tongue numb also
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