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I have 20 brain lesions and neurology cannot figure out why!

At 37 I began to have issues with bilateral arm pain and numbness that would wake me from sleep. I had also developed a large thyroid tumor. My tumor turned out to be benign but my endo decided to send me for a CAT scan. The scan found calcifications on my basal ganglia. I went for an MRI next which found 20 brain lesions mostly in the parietal lobe. Fast forward almost two years and we have ruled out MS. I have muscle rigidity, mood disturbances, mild neurocognitive decline (limited attention and short term memory), hallucinations, insomnia and depression. My labs are all normal. There is no indication of any autoimmune disease process. I do not have syphilis or HIV. I do not appear to have a vascular cause for the lesions. I did work in a high stress job at the top of my career field (until I started having these symptoms at which point I was promptly let go). I have only had one headache that was so severe I will never forget it and it happened about six months prior to the onset of symptoms. I have taken adderall for over ten years but only at low, prescribed dosages. I have had largely uncontrollable bipolar disorder since puberty and recently found out through a Genesight test that I am genetically incompatible with most drugs, which explains why nothing has worked or has caused terrible side effects. Also my mood disorder has progressed in the last few years to include paranoia and hallucinations giving me a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder which I attribute to the brain lesions. I could potentially have sleep apnea. I don’t know for sure. It takes an act of Congress to be seen for something like that right now where I live. Any insight would be appreciated. I have been referred to Mayo Clinic.
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Hi there, sorry i don't have much information but years ago i came across some research regarding brain lesions being associated with mental health conditions like bipolar disorder so that might be a direction to look into for an explanation for the brain lesions.

Thyroid conditions are notorious for causing a laundry list of symptoms so i'd consider connecting with the thyroid disorder community for some help and advice with the Thyroid situation you also have.

Hope that helps.......JJ
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