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I have muscle spasms/jerks and have no idea what's causing them.

Over the past few months I've begun to have weird muscle spasms/jerks. To start with the spasms, it feels like either one of my legs or both + my torso involuntarily tense up and start shaking, kind of like a cramp but somewhat different. It's like when you tense all the muscles in your arm to make your arm vibrate. It usually lasts from 5-20 seconds. For the muscle jerks, it feels like I suddenly, subconciously, jerked either my leg or my neck to a position, without even thinking about it. Also, I have the spasms in my upper arms and neck where they will all tense up and lock into a position, not vibrate, but it has a similar tensing to the spasms listed earlier.
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Hi Galied, I just wanted to wish you best of luck with this. I have had a similar experience for the past few months with random spams/jerking that had never occurred before, in addition to random moments of difficulty with speech. After normal MRIs and normal spinal tap, I may never understand why these things occur.

Don't know if this may be helpful, but I was prescribed clorazepate a couple months ago to help with involuntary motions. With the clorazepate, there was an overall decrease in jerking. In the chance  your doctor recommends this (or something else), hope for you to feel better!

In any case, am wishing you very best of luck and hoping you receive a diagnosis and effective treatment soon. I am so sorry you are going through this.
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