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Is it ALS?


First of all thank you for all who will read my story. I would really appreciate any kind of comments and experiences or advices from you.

I am 26 years old female. I don't smoke use alcohol or drugs. Recently i have found similar condition - ALS that could explain my illness. I know it would be a  very rare case of this disease considering my age and gender, but lately about six months i have been experiencing these symptoms and it's worsening:

I feel very tired
I can hardly walk or pick up things, because my muscles are weak
My left face side is tingling
My left cheek is twiching
And my right back side is tingling
My knees and lover back hurt because of weakened muscles
I am experiencing shakiness inside like i would have low sugar or something
And some kind of itchiness and burning sensation all over the body

I haven't experienced swallowing and speech difficulties or any muscle atrophy yet, but i have done any possible tests in my country of various diseases to rule out my condition - from lyme disease to cancer or autoimmune disorders. I have seen endocrynologyst, reumatologyst, hematologyst and also neurologyst. He advices me to wait for possible progression and can't say anything precise now.

I have question for you, could it be the first signs of ALS? And does it muscle weakness for ALS patients is constant or does it go away after the long rest?

Thank you.
Looking forward to any answers.
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Because ALS involves the motor neurons, and not the sensory neurons, it’s rare to “feel” like anything, such as tingling, burning, or pain. Muscle weakness and atrophy is usually present and gets progressively worse. It does not come and go. Did your neurologist check your reflexes or do an EMG? Both of those would give you more information. Hope you get some answers but many of your symptoms do NOT sound like ALS.
Thanks for your answer Cdamico001, i have seen neurologist and he advised me to wait. He said that everything is normal at the moment. But i am still worying the most about my twiching cheek, it's very irritating...
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