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Is it MS or something else?

Hello, I am 24 I suffer from long term bowel issues. Most recently I have been having some bladder control issues (urgency, frequent urination) I have also been experiencing a feeling of pins and needles in my feet and legs randomly. I have also had trouble with saying words correctly and forgetting things. I have also had some trouble with motor functions(i went to pour a drink and instead I poured it all over my hand instead of in the cup). Also I am feeling generally weak all over. So far I have not found a solution just been given bladder medication which I do not seem to respond to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi and welcome,

You haven't provided any information that would be suggestive-consistent with a neurological condition like MS being a possible causation, eg dx with neurogenic bladder, spinal cord lesions etc etc.

Neurogenic bladder is the name given to a number of urinary conditions in people who lack bladder control due to a brain, spinal cord or nerve problems, nerve damage causation can be the result of diseases eg MS, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, spinal damage ie cord compression, pinched nerve, etc etc.

The most common cause of urgency, frequent urination in woman of any age group on top of fatigue, all over weakness, tingly, foggy brained, uncoordinated is a urinary track infection, but if your underlying cause hasn't been found to be related to a UTI, diabetes, medication side effect, weak pelvic floor, alcohol or caffeine consumption etc you've possibly been dx with something like an 'overactive bladder', overactive bladder is the name of a group of urinary symptoms, which isn't a disease as such but is a very common condition that affects millions of Americans..

There is no single treatment that is right for everyone, it's not uncommon for a combination of behavioural, diet, lifestyle and medication to be needed, so i'd advice you to make an appointment with your urologist to discus alternative treatment plans for you to try.    

I hope this helps......JJ
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Hi I've got Ms, ask fir an MRI scan your symptoms could be ms yes but you won't know unless you ask for tests. Good luck and try not to worry because other things mimic Ms and newly diagnosed can get better treatment
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