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Is it possible to hit your head without causing damage to the brain?

I’m a 19 year old 5’11 140 pound Caucasian male with post concussion syndrome from a life of contact sports and also an anxiety disorder
Well this is likely the end of my life, something truly tragic has happened. Was walking down the street, bent down to throw something in the trash, lifted my body back up and smashed my head under a street sign. It made a huge sound and a woman passing by even said a loud ‘oof’ Which basically confirms the severity of the impact. My head bounced off towards the ground. here is a video I took of the street sign in question https://youtu.be/R8GZ7OZKCx8

Went to the ER and the doc said she thought it could make my post concussion syndrome temporarily worse (and I definitely have been experiencing some bad symptoms) but I guess she did not seem too concerned and did not think I needed and further testing from scans or anything like that
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The cerebrum damage brought about by a hit to the head bringing about any type of harm to the mind. This word comprehensively depicts both the anatomical and physiological impacts of any hit to the head sufficiently noteworthy to cause mellow horrendous cerebrum long island neurology  damage.
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If you're an athlete with post-concussion syndrome, you may have heard about Sidney Crosby and his experiences. He went to the Carrick Institute. If you can't go see them (I don't know where you are located), maybe you can find a doctor on their find a doctor list - https://acnb.org/DoctorLocator.aspx

It's hard to say if this was a setback, or something more.  Are you seeing a neurologist? You mention a doctor, but didn't specify.

Hang in there. :)

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Hello, how are you doing now?  Hopefully this is better.  It does sound like you are doing the right thing by working with your mental health care provider.  Head injuries typically show up through testing and it doesn't sound like this is the case for you.  Let us know an update.
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Thank you very much for the response and concerns. So I am doing a bit better then I was last week, saw my therapist today and it helped. Do you think it is possible this latest hit was simply a setback and not damaging to my brain?
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Hi.  Sorry you are banging your head!  Our head can take a lot of blows.  Keep that in mind. We have a skull for protection.  ER's are good for acute situations.  I'm glad you got checked out. They did not see any acute signs of a brain injury.  They are trained to do tests to determine this.  I have kids in sports. Since you've had a concussion before, you know that a doctor does those to determine brain injury.  Sounds like the ER doctor didn't see this type of situation for you.  I'm sure it hurt.  You may have even gotten a goose egg.  This has happened to both of my sons and myself.  It hurts like a mother.  Are there residual effects? Not really and if so, just short term.  

Since you are still concerned, how about seeing your regular physician as a follow up to the ER doc visit?  

What are the symptoms you are experiencing?  When did this happen?  

And I do think I am reading within your post a lot of what I'd chalk up to your anxiety disorder. Do you treat your anxiety with a doctor and talk therapist?  Do you take medication for it?  
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First off thank you very much for your response, it is really appreciated.

Like I said I already suffer from post concussion syndrome after a life of contact sports so this is why I feel as though I am especially sensitive. The doctor at the er just did some basic physical tests, she said it may make my post concussion syndrome worse so I should take at least a few days off to take it easy. The first day I hit my head was not too bad symptom wise, just a ton of panic and despair over my worst nightmare in the world coming true. The next day was spent mostly sleeping but I did not feel very good at all, next day was even worse, the day after was a tiny bit better and today is about the same as yesterday. Obviously as you mentioned there are other factors such as anxiety, depression, lack of deep sleep, not eating enough which can amplify the physical symptoms. Also the fact that I already had post concussion symptoms regardless. Dont think I had a goose egg just some slight bruising and I felt like a bit of pain or a sore spot in the area I was hit for a few days.

So yah all in all physically it has been really bad in the last few days, as well as cognitively it felt like my brain was not working well at all. Emotionally however it has been absolutely gutting, just some really horrible panic, despair, shock, definitely the toughest few days in my life. I had been so careful in the past year o never hit my head with any force and then for this to happen is just horrible. Im terrified of brain trauma and cte and I know subsequent concussions and such is really bad. Like I said, this may be the nail in the coffin for me, I have no clue how or if I ever get through this incident, all I can do is pray that it is merely a setback and not damaging to my brain. I really really hope this is true but after researching online it does not seem likely.

Yes I do therapy once a week for my mental illness. I saw my therapist yesterday, she seemed to think I was catastrophizing and that this impact would not damage my brain but she is obviously not a doctor.
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