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Is it too late to seek help?

I overdosed 2 years ago using my friend anti psychotic. I suffered from acute dystonic reaction a day after the incidence to which I was given anticholnergic. I was discharged but with rest tremor-till now & this is the first time I seek help to it. I also noticed that I am becoming less & less sensitive to others feeling. I even "surprise" my self_ instead of feeling guilty like usual_ by bursting at my friends for no reason.
I have been working out & eating healthy food & the tremor is not that bad any more. My question is: Did I cause  a permanent damage to my extrapyramidal system? What about the noticeable behavior change, is it related? Did I increase my chance of getting parkinson?( My uncle was diagnosed with it in his early 40s!)
What can I do to fix what is fixable?

I am 23 year old & don't take any medication.
Thank you in advance.

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