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Is this carpal tunnel or something else? help!!


My Dad has carpal tunnel and I have had some of the same symptoms as him. He had surgery on his a few years back. I have shooting pains in my right thumb and sometimes weakness in it. It hurts worse after using my thumb a lot. I wake up with my hand asleep and last night I woke up with that whole arm asleep and hurting. My wrist cracks badly in that hand as well. It hurts to bend my thumb sometimes too. Sometimes my wrist hurts but recently its been more in my thumb. I was wondering if this was carpal tunnel or if any one had any other ideas? Also I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should do about it? Thank you so much!
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I just had carpel tunnel surgery and cubital tunnel suergery . Cubital tunnel is the cause of your whole arm to go to sleep along with your ring and baby finger. carpel tunnel is the thumb and pointer finger and middle finger. after both surgeries i am so much better just don't wait to see a Dr. it does not get better on its own and will get worse if you ignor it. good luck maria
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Any ideas?
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