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L5 S1 herniated disk - fixing it!

Hi, i am 23 years old.

i hurt my lower back a year ago, just bending over to pick up a towel. I did very intense physical training (resistance training, weight training, plyometric traning, heavy bag traiining, you name it , i did it) . I did spinal decompression last month. And i had a CT scan done 1 week ago and the doctor told me i have a herniated disk, slight hernation L5 S1. Its been a year and its not healed yet, I am trying to play professional hockey and I have to get this fixed. Joe sakic had a herniated disk and had surgery and he will be fine, but my doctor told me that if i do surgery that i can become paralyzed, i just don't understand. What should i do, should i continue to lift lights weights? i can lift light weights and it dosen't make my back worse just light weights, but i will do anything to get my back to 100 percent. Because if i can't at least try my best at a shot in the pros, i will be a pesimistic ******* for the rest of my life.

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man this sounds just like me. im 22. i was super athletic and  was playing semi-pro paintball. i started working out to gain weight and the squats killed my back. doing squats 3 times a week, i tore my l4-l5 disc and now have a herniated L4-L5 disc and atleast a bulging L5-S1. The pain i have is so severe I can barely stand, and cant stand or sit up straight at all. I have to hunch my lumbar spine to get relief. If you can still stand and support your own body weight, youre better off than me. I wouldnt recommend lifting weights to further progress your problem. Lifting light weights for core stabilization exercises is fine and good for you though.

Sorry to hear about this man, I have been dealing with mine for almost 9 months now. If you ever get back to this article and read this, please respond and let me know how you're doing now! Good luck and god bless!

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your life is more important than sports.  pain for the rest of your life is not worth it. dedicate your life to others to teach the sport you love... get many diff opions from your scans from diff doctors... orthopedic and neuro.
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