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Left And Right Leg Pain

Hi last year I had a meniscus  tear in my knee and this year I did my left knee Meniscus tear but with my right one last year I had blood clots as well but since I had surgery for both and my blood clot been cleared I have been getting a lot off pain in both my legs but my right one is the worse one pain from my feet up to my right are i been getting lots of twitching pins and needles my feet and my arm been colder then the left side I went for a drive one weekend and I had to pull over my leg was stiff I couldn't move them and my leg was very swelling I thought my blood clot came back and did test for that and it was clear at the moment I'm struggling to do a lot i can't stand or sit to long without my leg stiff up and swollen and when I do feel the pain I even get chest pain and in my back aswell and i been getting all this symptom everyday and there is days i limp as well
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Hello and welcome to the forum!  We're glad you are here and thank you for your question.  I'm really sorry to read that you are having such difficulty.  That's making life very difficult.  Have you been to the doctor to go over all of these symptoms?  I am glad you were cleared of a blood clot.  Particularly, you should get any chest pain checked out.  
Here's information on meniscus tear surgery that is very general. https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/knee-pain/meniscus-tear-surgery#1
I really recommend that you have this looked at again.  You could possibly have another tear.  An MRI would rule that out.  But this sounds like perhaps you have a nerve issue going on either compressed or damaged as a complication from your surgery. That's rare, but can happen.  

Did you do physical therapy after your surgery?  If you are cleared by your doctor, I would guess that you will be recommended to do physical therapy now again even if you did it previously.  

You may also look into arthritis.  

Let us know about physical therapy and if seeing the doctor is a possibility in the very near future.
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