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Long term effects of encephalitis and Mental health issues

I had encepalitis when i was 2 1/2 years old. I was in a coma for 8 days.
I have been living with chronic depression, Eating disorder NOS, avoidance disorder, i feel sick all the time, and i believe i have had Adult ADD. My question is, Is there any corelation between Encephalitis and mental health problems, or has there not been enough research on the subject to know? Also, do you have any idea of any research that is going on now.
i am now 45. Please help.
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Very interesting post.  My husband had encephalitis at age 3 and is now 49 years old.  He suffers from many of the things you have described and more.  I have been wondering the same thing and am coming to the unskilled conclusion that, yes, it is true.  Getting the appropriate treament seems like the issue at hand.  I am at a loss, but not giving up.

By the way, we also have an African Grey.  She is the love of his life (besides me, of course).
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I had a bout of encephalitis at age 13 ish. I had hemi-paralytic attacks followed by horrible headaches every few days for a few weeks until one onset of and incident put me into a coma.  After the EEGs, spinal taps, etc., etc. encephalitis was determined.
Because of research I did for my kids who were born with cerebral palsy and had siezure condidtions, I began to learn that whenever the cortex of the brain swells the thalmus and/or hypothalmus can be "squished" and damaged permanently ... I've had all sorts of endocrine system problems that don't show up on routinge Thyroid tests.  I also struggle with overweight, etc.  Wish we could get Drs to consider these common after affects years later.  Blessings to All, Louise
Had encephalitis at age 11-12 later I'm now 42 and I have mental disorders, migraines, sleep problems, sharp pains in head and neck at times and burning pain in feet at times and sometimes I have periods where seems like I have my heart speed up and I have sleep apnea, high blood pressure, use to take seizures, and list goes on lol. All after encephalitis.
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I was diagnosed with encephalitis when I was 5. I lost my hearing, eyesight, control of kidneys and was in a coma for 2 weeks.I came out of the encephalitis miraculously. I am now 36 and have had panic attacks and severe depression since 1999. The depression is at it's peak. I am tired and don't want to get out of bed to face the day. Can someone please help me. I have been on every anti depressant and xanax since 1999. I would sincerely appreciated any and all information you could give me. God bless!!!
I have depression disorder and bi polar
After having encephalitis
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I healed from years of deep depression after trying many antidepressants and undergoing the whole guinea pig process that involves. My healing came rapidly when I stepped off the beaten path of conventional medicine and talked to the world of holistic practitioners out there.  I found a number of good doctors in our area and was brought back from what I thought would be the end of my life. Here are the components whole food supplements; structural work from a good NUCCA doctor; whole body cleansing and detox of heavy metals, residual virus in the gut, pesticides and other environmental contaminants; blood sugar regulation; candida screen; allergy and sensitivity elimination; mind/body psychotherapy; nurturing and support from loved ones.  It sounds like a long road but really I saw amazing results within a month or two of removing the blockages to letting the body heal itself. Healthy neurotransmitters begin in the gut and antidepressants do nothing to actually heal the body. They buy you time sometimes and can be useful, but healing happens only when the real physiological illness of depression is treated for its underlying causes and those are systematically eliminated.  I am healthy, joyful even, was able to finish raising a large family of beautiful children who believed early on that their mother was going to die on them.  We adopted children with special needs and certainly my depression was increased by the stress but the causes were all those listed above. God bless you in your search, but do something quick!  Joy is available, in fact, it's what we came to find!
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