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Loss of smell and taste

After suffering a concussion April 17, 2008 I lost my sense of smell and taste.  I was pushed off a 3 foot wall and knocked out for over a minute.  I have had a CT scan and an MRI which show nothing wrong.  But I still cannot smell or taste anything.

Any suggestions?
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I lost my sense of smell 19 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and never got it back.  Is there a surgery available to fix this?
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I fell from a horse a few weeks ago. Besides a broken ankle and severely injured knee, I suffered form a concussion as well. I only discovered the day after the accident ( after the nausea has taken a hike) that my smell and taste senses are limited. A weird, smokey, burned smell is stuck in my nose. I can taste salt and sugar, but no flavors. Doctors tell me it will heal in time. There is no treatment. But I pray to God that it will heal soon!!
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Hi. Saw your comment here and just wondered if it ever came back? This happened to me about a month ago. Thanks.
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Smell comes from Cranial Never 1 (CN1).  The front 2/3 of the tongue come from CN7 and the back 1/3 of the tongue comes from CN9.  They all enter the skull through different routes, so the only common point for damage would be the brain itself.  About 90% of taste is smell.  The tongue can only perceive sweet, sour, salt, & bitter, the rest is all smell.

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I had a mild traumatic brain injury and lost my real sense of smell and taste.  Meaning everything smells and tastes what it is not.  

Sometimes I wish it is completely gone.  You can see another thread where there are about 60+ members suffering and couple of them got the sense back.  All of them had some form of head/brain injury and that is the tough one.

I talked to one clinic in Washington D.C. (Taste and Smell Clinic) and they have some extensive procedures, therapies, medications etc.,   Again it is a try.  Medicine can do nothing much and all you can do is pray.
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