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Loss of strength & mobility in hands/fingers

I was not sure where to post this.  

I have an odd problem with my hands.  Whenever I wake up from sleeping (whether a nap or at night) my hands have this off thing happen.  I lose all mobility and strength in my hands, my fingers (mainly pinky and ring finger) 'pop' instead on move smoothly like my other fingers do.  My hands take on this numb like'fuzzy' feeling , but only really on the palm side.  The under part of my fore arm take on this achey feeling and at the inner part of my elbow the muscle or tendon that attached hurts and is tenders if touched.  

If handed something I would drop it, if asked to open a bottle or jar, it would not be possible unless I rubbed my hands for a while and or ran very warm water on them.

Any ideas?  I have thought of carpal tunnel, MSD, and golfer's elbow..... but I don't know if any of those are what I am dealing with.

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I do have a vitamin B deficiency.  I also have some bulging disks in my neck and lower back.  I have had my thyroid checked, but it was normal..... thought I read somewhere that sometimes test don't show what is really wrong (if anything).  I have so many issues going on right now!  However, I have an MRI today of my brain and when I go back to my rheumatologist after today's test, I will talk to him about my hands and the information I learned here today from you.

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Your symptoms seem to suggest nerve impingement which can be due to carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome.
It is difficult to say anything further without a clinical evaluation and tests like X ray of wrist and elbow. These symptoms could also be due to peripheral neuropathy which can occur due to Vitamin B 12 deficiency, thyroid dysfunction and diabetes.
I would suggest you to get evaluation done at your earliest.

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