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Low Back Burning/Pain and Twitches in Stomach

Posted By Janice on February 08, 1998 at 01:52:13:

Please Help. I've had mutiple migrating symptoms for 2 years. It started
with burning scalp, twitches in head and vertigo. I had all ms tests
including spinal tap. All were normal except evoked potentials which
delays. Recently I began having heartburn-like symptoms. I had an
ekg, gallbladder ultrasound and upper-gi series, all were negative for
problems. I now have lower back burning/pain and twitches in my
stomach area. It sometimes feels like a kick, sometimes like something's
crawling under my skin.
My neuro put me on tegretol. He did not sugges an mri to see if there
was a problem with my low back.
I fear the worst, that I have an abdominal aneurysm. I can't sleep
at night. I need help.
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