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MR Neurography for Numb Penis

Hello I could really do with some help. I am a 30 year old male and for the last year and a half, I have been suffering from a numb penis.  It started on the right hand side of my shaft and has now spread month by month to encompass 95 per cent of my whole penis.  This is affecting my Libido too and I no longer get morning erections.  Parts of my scrotum have also lost sensitivity.  My anus seems to be slightly less sensitive too (I feel this when I have a shower).  I get random pins and needles pain in my left foot weekly.

I have seen a neurologist who conducted MRI scans of the Pelvis, Sacral and Lumbar Spine and Mid Spine but the scans have all come back normal and he cannot find anything to explain my symptoms.  A urologist also took an MRI of my Lumbar spine and he could not see anything either.  I am desperate for an answer and a solution now.  

I am considering having an MR Neurography done.  It is very expensive and I want to make certain of one thing before I have it done.  I have asked the people who conduct it but they are not giving me a straight answer.  I want to know if it is possible if there could be an issue with the nerves which could be affecting sensitivity of my penis (most likely Pudendal Nerve) that could be possibly missed on an MRI?  My neurologist said if there was a problem such as compression from a herniated disc or a tumour for example, that would show up on an MRI.  He gave me the impression that any issues with the Pudendal Nerve would be caused by something that would be visible on an MRI.  I just wanted to know if that is true or if it is possible if something else could be being missed and whether an MR Neurography is worth having?

I'd really appreciate any advice

Thank you
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I forgot to mention.  The symptoms started around the same time I was lifting boxes at work.  I felt a slight pull in my lower back but it was nothing significant i.e. a proper strain which left me in significant pain.  Around the same time I was also getting back into martial arts and stretching my legs and doing high kicks.  I didn't realise at the time but now that I look back at it, that was around the time my symptoms kicked in.  It started with a really weird feeling throughout my penis one week and at one point the head of my penis was also bending to the right.  My whole penis slightly bends to the right now where it never used to.  Thanks.
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You've perhaps irritated your spine through two damaging activities:  

- heavy box lifting (and far worse, perhaps twisting your spine a bit while holding heavy boxes), not only lift with your legs, but twist with your legs, too; and,

- high kicks during martial arts by a novice.  

I'd assume your spine needs attention, such as:  learning gentle stretching routines (eg. those suitable for patients coping with general back problems), a physiotherapist could help guide you.  Make sure you've good lumbar support in chairs/carseats (an Obus Forme is excellent, but their add-on cushion's a bit generous, I find I need to trim the foam padding a fair bit).   Take care with your posture generally, (eg. avoid slouching, that's very stressful on the spine).  Does your bed mattress provide firm support?  If it's become saggy, that's not good for back health.

You've no body awareness that something's wrong with your back?  It feels completely normal to you?
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Hi thank you for your reply and your advice.  My mattress is not too saggy but I've had firmer ones before.  I guess I could look into that too.  Yeah that's the weird thing, I didn't have any significant pain in my back when this started.  However, due to the stretching and the kicks I did sprain my lower right hand back but that pain months after the genital numbness had already set in.  Do you think it's worth having an MR Neurography?  Seeing that nothing came up on a regular MRI.  Do you think it could show nerve issues that were missed on the MRIs? I'm just concerned this could turn (if it hasn't already) into permanent nerve damage if it is not treated as the nerve (if one is being affected) could die if it is compressed etc. Thanks.
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