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More surgery?

I had cervical disk surgery, C5-7, 10 years ago. I have started having pain again. After a new MRI I was told that I have 2 disks above the previous surgery that are in bad shape, along with a large bone spur below. My doctor says that another surgery may possibly relieve up to 70% of the pain, but that the mobility of my neck will be reduced greatly. (At times I have problems even driving due to my inability to turn my head very far) I am in my mid-50s and otherwise healthy. As much as I want the pain to go away, I fear the lack of mobility.

Has anyone had more than 2 levels repaired and it so, how is your pain versus mobility?

Any help will be appreciated,
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I had a 5 level cervical surgery in May of 2006 - levels C3 through C7.  I am still in physical therapy over a year and a half later....it has been a long haul.  At first, I couldn't drive much at all, given my limitations on range of motion.  Things have improved over time and I have learned to adjust my life accordingly.  For example...I never change lanes on the interstate without signaling a change of lanes, looking in the rear AND side mirrors and trying to turn enough to the left to see if there is a car approaching.  Of course, this is what all of us should do anyway, even without surgery, right?  As far as the rest of my daily activities, I don't think I am disabled in any way, but sometimes I FEEL like the little old lady you see leaving the Walmart store with her package in hand, head and shoulders hunched forward, looking at the pavement.....in other words, the neck "support" I had at one time is now....not so much.  I have to constantly remind myself to look up and forward when I walk and not look at my feet when I walk instead.  These are small prices to pay if you really need the surgery.....but definitely get some different opinions on the TYPE of surgery you should have.  I had a laminoplasty, which I felt was the safest option for my situation. But I did receive other opinions and each one was different - a fusion, a laminectomy, an anterior AND a posterior procedure, etc.  In the end....you make your decision based on research, reputation of the physician and your own instincts.  What part of the country do you live in?  Jo
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Hi, considering your present symptoms it is advisable to go ahead with surgery as your main concern is the neck pain and the disablility requires a surgical correction for better cure rather than trying medications. How comfortably you are coping up with daily routine activities of life?. See your doctor for a second opinion.
Take care, Bye.
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