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Multiple Schlerosis and Negative EMG, possible PLS

Hello, what is the possibility of having PLS when a person has a negative EMG?  I am having odd throat issues but I am not sure if that is related to my other issues.  I have been having tingling in all limbs, numbness in hands and some twitching.  I am just worried that it was too soon to have anything done to catch whatever it was.  I am curious to know the beginning symptoms of Progressive Bulbar Palsy.  Thanks for your time!
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What will knowing that kind of information actually give you, cause if you are in the grip of your OCD / health anxiety, you've got to know additional information is only going to give you 'something' to keep your anxious thoughts spinning and spinning over, what it doesn't ever do is give you reassurance.....



Every sensation your experiencing could be caused by very common mental health conditions but for reasons that will always confuse the heck out of me, ALS or MS is easier to believe than a treatable mental health issue....be brave and learn about the health conditions you know you have so you can gain the skills needed to get back your quality of life!

Good luck..........JJ
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Did you actually contact your psych to help you deal with your OCD and escalating anxiety about your health?


Progressive bulbar palsy is a motor neuron disorder that involves the lower motor neurons. These neurons conduct messages from the brain stem and spinal cord to the brain. Initially, patients with progressive bulbar palsy only have muscle weakness that affects speech and swallowing. However, this condition can often progress to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS.

Symptoms of progressive bulbar palsy can include the following:

Pharyngeal muscle weakness (affects swallowing)
Weak jaw and facial muscles
Progressive loss of speech
Tongue muscle atrophy
Weak limbs

Sometimes individuals with this condition also have outbursts of laughing or crying, which is called emotional lability. Specific risks for the patient are choking, gagging, and a higher risk of pneumonia."

Don't let your OCD behaviours lead your Progressive Bulbar Palsy curiosity into fear and panic territory! BTW a typical patient is betweem 50-70 years old and will have different presenting symptoms...

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Hello, now I am having tongue twitches as well.  Isn't that ALS?
Your escalating health related anxiety and combined OCD is your most likely medical explanation!
Probably....I am wondering what the symptoms of early onset ALS are?  Or is there no true way of knowing until something happens?
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Can the EMG from the leg and arm tell if a person has Bulbar Palsy?
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