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Neurology and I am the Local Mystery Patient

okay, here I go and my wonderful intern Doc and Neurologist are calling me the Mystery Patient. They are trying so hard.
Lumbar Puncture-supportive of MS on the MS panel
Optic Neuritis-blurry vision
Severe headache, especially at the base of my skull and upper neck
No lesions on MRI, incidental pituitary tumor 3 mm (non hormone producing)
Last MRI showed swelling of spine
Rolling muscles, spasms, twitches, all day every day
Severe pulling sensation on my right temple and like a sudden vibration,,,,, left face numbness, ear pain
Sudden cardiac pvc or Svt's -have had all cardio tests, normal even the cardiac cath ( have not seen the electro cardio specialists)
extreme fatigue- on cpap with oxygen
vibrations through body
cognitive difficulties, memory lapses, these are new symptoms (brief episodes of confusion, word mix ups) stroke ruled out.
Left sided pain or goes around my chest or upper gi-removal of gallbladder, hysterectomy did not stop the pain
Lupus, lyme and every other disease you can think of on a blood test ruled out
vertigo, dizziness, heavy feeling in head,,,,,, feel underwater
sudden urges to use bathroom 10 times a day,,,,,,, blood sugar normal. Am diabetic type 2,, blood tests confirm iI have it well under control and have lost fifty pounds
hypo-thyroid- on synthroid ( have never had an ultra sound on thyroid).
numbness, pins and needles, burning, shooting, stabbing pains. one episode of screaming with burning pain coming up from heels to shins.
have attacks after using diabetes type two medications,,,,,,,, end up in the hospital. On metformin again (severe middle chest pain)
Three times  in 20 years brief paralysis,,,,,, very brief... 3 or 4 times lost leg function in left leg but very brief,,, lasting minutes. Sometimes left leg will drag
scopes down the throat and up the chute showing no abnormalities.
Cat scans numerous, MRI's numerous, ultra sounds on neck veins, and internal organs,,,,,, normal. One time possible portal hypertension. I went on a diet and it is reversed. All hepatitis tests negative.
Occasional elevated liver enzymes-
medications,,,,, metformin again,,,,, .112 synthroid, clonazapam as needed for  vertigo and dizziness,,,,,,,, HRT .05 mg patch
41 years old, 20 year history of "attacks" though not as severe. Since hysterectomy and taking a drug called Lupron,,,,,,,,,, very severe attacks. one after another with only one to two weeks in between.
smoker -quit but started up again due to stress of situation
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lyme,lupus other than that i don`t know.
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Just because a lyme test came back negative, doesn't mean you don't have it.  Lyme testing is notoriously innacurate.  That's why it's a clinical diagnosis.  I'm assuming your doc ran an ELISA.  That particular test only has about a 30-70% accuracy depending on the lab, if that, and is well-known for it's false negatives.  

I strongly suggest getting both IgG and IgM western blots done for lyme.  Make sure the lab doing the test includes bands 30 and 34 (these are sometimes excluded on testing).  While it's possible to be seronegative for lyme, if you show any lyme-specific bands (even if the results aren't CDC positive), that could explain what you're going through.

There is also such a thing as seronegative Lupus.
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Read over your symptoms again.  Probably wouldn't hurt to be tested for the co-infections of babesia and bartonella either.  One of bartonella's more irritating symptoms is burning pain in the feet.
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