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49 year old female. DX's with MS in 2000. On Avonex ever since along with a LOT of other "symptom management" medications.

Recent blood test showing VERY high positive ANA SCR, ANA TITER 1:640, PATTERN SPECKLED.

GP is looking for "another reason" for my fatigue...UMM, BESIDES MY MS?? I THINK HE THINKS I'M OUT OF MY MIND?

QUESTION:  Could this have been "my norm" nine years ago or perhaps something I've just developed? I've moved so I don't have my complete records (something to think about getting, I suppose.) IF I was tested way back then...

Supporting tests and lack of other apparent symptoms rules out obvious suggestions / ideas...

Along with a variety of meds, I am on Synthroid (0.1 MG) and and Topamax (300MG). Before I see another specialist, I'm looking around on my own.

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Just to follow-up on this ANA test...

I spoke to my neuro's office yesterday after they reviewed the results of my blood test. As a refresher, the test was ordered by my GP, not my neuro. GP recommended that I see a rheumatologist, etc...

Neuro was as confused, as I was, in regards to [all the concern] and assured me that this type of result (see post above) is VERY OFTEN seen in patients like me, with MS (just as I suspected) ...

I have an appointment with him next week but see no reason I should be "re-diagnosed" for MS which, I believe, is where all this was heading! D'oh!!

Looks like this time it really IS one for the MS bucket.

[Duplicate post on another forum to close out discussion.]
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Wow...I'm having EXACTLY the same experience. My general practitioner wants me to go back to the rheumotologist because of a high ANA titer. I started here and then they decided it was ms after 2 years of testing. Its like I'm back to square one. Is it possible to have lupus and ms at the same time?
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I started with gp in Jan of 09 with the symtoms of pain in body and the blood test were on. after many blood test with a ANA of 1:1280 Speckled.  Sent to rheumotologist and no ansewers from him.  Finally sent to nurologist after talking my GP into sending me and had a EMG and a small nerve biopsy, have found no ans to the high ANA ( if any body else has an reason for the high ANA that would be helpful, with all other blood test neg).  Just thought that with the symptoms of fatigue and the ANA you might check out the EMG to start ruling out small fiber nuropothy.
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My 4 y/o daughter had blood work come back with an ANA titer of 1:640 and we are scared to death of what this means for the future of a beautiful, healthy girl.  The second test came back with lower numbers but the specialists are still concerned.  How common is this in young children?  She shows no signs except for not being able to control her blatter functions and is back in a pull-up.  H-E-L-P!!!!!!!!!!!
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My daughter is 8yrs old and having ana titer up and down up and down..up to 1:640,down to 1:340 or 1:160...i need an answer to why and what cause this?? anyone?? help me??
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Can anyone offer any advice?  It appears I may have Lyme and Lupus??  What should I be doing to resolve this issue?  Bloodwork details...Last Nov. Western Blot IgM 41, 39, & 23. Then allergy to Enalapril HCTZ major rash for 3 months (June-August) and now just blue skin.  June RDW 15.1, IgG >8, Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG Ab>1:256, Rocky Mtn IgM 2.53, CD57 Low.  July Anti SS-A >8.  Sept. DNA Single mutation in MTHFR A1298C and Sjogren's Anti SS-A >8.  October 15: ANA 1:640, pos Ro Antibody SS-A biopsy immunological presence and interfasce dermatititis.  Then October 29 Low C4 6mg/dl, ANA Positive, Anti-Nuclear AB Titer 1:320, ANA pattern speckled, SS-A Antibody >8.0 AI, Lekocyte Esterase 1+.    Thanks for any help.
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ANTI-dsDNA Reference range IU / ML
                     NEGATIVE     25    
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Perhaps your doctor should check for Autoimmune hepatitis...
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