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Pain of Left side of head

Hi Sir/Madam,

I am having pain only on left side of head and at the same time on right shoulder ,its started 1 week ago on 20th May 2010.I went to visit doctor and after initial check up he has suggested me to take pain killers to release the pain.

Pain killers helped to release pain from right shoulder but left head pain which spread over to my face and upper neck and left jaw ( pain in teeth as if i have taken something very cold/hot) stayed little longer.
Then next day on 21st I contacted Ortho specialist for any possibility of joint pain problems.This new doctor diagnosed and said "Everything is fine ,i m giving you few multvitamins and i find no issue for CT scan or MRI,still u feel this pain again and again ,you can contact neuro".from 21st to 26th May head pain(only left side ) stayed but little less but on 27th afternoon it was very sharp so i had to rush to hospital to neuro specialist doctor.
Same story repeated,Doctor examined me and said "Everything is fine,i dont see any reason for you to worry about".I asked him but why pain only of left side ,he said "no such disease and symptoms matching ,in case you want to have assurance ,you can opt for initial checkup for CT scan and MRI,still thorough scan not required."

Now today on 28th morning since 8am till now 12:30pm i have this pain (deeper one ) affecting only left side..what should i do and whom should i contact ?

Please guide!!


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Pain  Shooting  under  eyes One side of  face  over top lip under  botom lip same side .   hurts in the region of the  DOG tooth if you grind  on them the paion may subside momentarily  or the moler next to it  the pain will subside for a minute or so  ....  YOU have no MRI oe CT viewable  injuries   ILL stick my neck out and its  valuabe  and SAY you have the startof TRI GEMINAL NEURALGIA  THis is  and not to frighten you the worst pain known to mankind .   Headaches  teeth  And  facial under and over teeth .  

DO not have teeth removed  .  
there are medications that work  well   Dilantin + Neurontin ( Gabapntin ) these work at the  Neural; Level  and  Opiates wWILL NOT WORK but they may Be  the  third   drug in the mixture  to  kick start the neurontin  so many say OH is doesnt workl  but add  a T 3 to it and it is wonderfull .  thats th e trick
But  For certain  Dilantin and  Neurontin  together  You  get permission to  adjust the dose of  Neurontin  as  required to a MAX of  4000 mg/day its a harmless drug and  clinically  no known  serious  side effects are known .  your Doctor  may have  blood tests to determine the  increase in  Dilantin If at all .  I started on 300 MG and  still there   But I am  topping off On  Neurontin at 3200 and  240 Mg a day codiene using  T 3.  NOW  ask your doctor to send you to a Neurologist to   verify my  answer meanwhile  treat as I recommend  it cant hurt you .

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Thanks for guidance.
Yesterday on my gut feeling i went to a dentist..to have a check over my teeth and gums..
He has done a initial checkup and found problem of root-canal .He did take X-ray also.

So i have gone for complete cleansing of my teeth..since then pain is very less or no more on regular interval..

After consultation with him through x-ray report i will go for next step.

As u said,hopefully no MRI and CT scan required.

But for any future consequences i will definitely follow ur suggested medication.(No side effect)

Thanks a lot once again for guidance.

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Hi, Thank you for your question. For persistent headaches, possibilities like migrainous, cluster, tension, pinched nerve in cervical spine and refractive errors that need to be evaluated thoroughly with the help of a neurologist here. Migraine like headache can be throbbing, one sided of face & head and preceded by aura (starts with blurred vision). Cluster headache may appear as burning, explosive in nature and tear appears from eyes. Tension headache originates with stress and anxiety disorder. Please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the further underlying disorders by clinically examine you & ordering MRI or CT scan here that may be the main reasons of your headache attacks & other symptoms and can provide you an appropriate treatment. Hope this information proves helpful to you. Take Care & Regards!!!

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Hello agai  Can  We add you as a Freind . I read th e Doctors report and I agree with him ( thats not a common thing for me )  A Meurologist will deterr,ine the  source of the  pain Your Pin is  so wide spread but Discussing the  potential of  tri Geminal Neuralgi is important  .  DO NOT have the root canal  CAN I GUESS it is the  CANINE ore next molar  upperor lower  .  hold off untill you have  the  Neurlogist report.  Cleaning the teath is always a god move and can  eliminate many  issues .. THe root Canal is  a good way to part with money and a temporary  relief of TGN then have the tooth removed  . INVEST in a GRIND GAURD they are known by many names but essentually  it stops you damaging your teeth  by grinding and will reduce the  Facial pain and teeth pain  it is important to keep it  Very  Clean  Mouthwash and denture Cleaner is  Good . you have a list of  Drug in the  Anti  seizure  class that do many  things other than  Epileptic  treatment . I am having a Gamaknife Surgury  some time soon But I have  TH Neuropathy The Lower  Gum branch was severed in an Accident . it cannot be oraly  treated any more.  As for the Pain  TGN has the highest  incedence of  Suicide of any pain known . the          Drugs will help moderate this .
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Also  GO to the ER and  Be checked for a STROKE please do not  delay on this . Its the  Pain on the left side of the head . Although  TGN can trigger this  a stroke can KILL you and that is one symptom not to underestimate .  it has no age limit
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