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Piriformis Syndrome?

My husband has been suffering from bilateral piriformis syndrome for two years which we believe was brought on by installing new flooring.  He spent days in a cantilevered position, holding his upper body up with his lower back/buttocks muscles.

I can actually feel the knots in those muscles and they are tender to the touch.  He is in a great deal of pain 24/7 since these muscles choke the sciatic nerve when they are locked into spasm.  He cannot sit and riding in a vehicle is extremely uncomfortable.

He has tried ice, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, steroid injections, Myoblock injextions, Skelaxin, all to no avail.  He has had MRI's of his spine and hip joints and they were normal.

My question is, has anyone ever heard of surgical correction for this problem or any other ways of dealing with it?

Thanks, Carol
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I went to a doctor today that told me he would do surgery on my piriformis syndrome. It involves actually cutting the periformis muscle. he said it is outpatient and the recovery time would be about 2 weeks. I am seriously considering having the surgery. He did order a pelvic MRI just to make sure there is nothing else going on. good luck to your husband.
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I too suffer with piriformis syndrome and have gone through the same scenarios  described by mineandours.  You stated that your physician had recommended the surgery to actually cut the muscle.  Do you mind sharing your outcome as I have just about reached my wits end with the chronic, intense pain?  Also, did you go to a neurologist or an orthopedic physician?  I have been seeing a specialist for spinal pain and have had 5 nerve blocks and two trigger-point injections into the piriformis muscle; yet the pain is still there.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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I was diagnosed and treated by the M.D. who reaserached, published and originally Piriformis Syndrome, Dr. Blair Pace in Tustin/Santa Ana, CA, over 33 years ago. He was a Master and it was successful, every single time, injected the old fashioned way. It returned 4 1/2 years ago and am desperate to find an M.D,. in southern CA who injects it using the new ultrasonic guided method. Does anyone know the name or location of an M.D. who does this, is my area? I am DESPERATE! I Definitely have this, on both sides, can only sleep on 1 side, can't sit long, can only drive short distances, have 4 diseases of my immune system requiring Human Globulin IV' multiple M.D,. visits, lab visits etc. and have a wedding to plan and attend for our daughter. I am married to a Cardiologist and am a former Psych RN. I Definitely have this problem and need it solved ASAP or won't be able to help with the wedding or even sit at it. Would greatly appreciate any information/help! Thanks.  Laurie
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I'm still searching for an M.D. in southern California who does ultrasound guided Piriformis muscle injections. I had both injected, bilaterally, decades ago by the Brilliant, Dr. Blair Pace, who figured out this entire problem. Unfortunately, he got hit with Alzheimer's and had to retire. A shame, as he was a wonderful person, extremely competent physician etc. I ought to know, used to be a Psych RN and my husband is a Cardiologist. I've heard the surgery, on the piriformis muscle, provides relief for perhaps 2 years, so I'm not even going there. I have 4 diseases of my Immune System, have basically been thru Hell with them, and now can not sit at all and have to sleep on my right side, now my back, because BOTH Piriformis muscles now need to be injected/whatever. It's been 5 years of this!!!!!! Enough! Is there not an M.D. anywhere in southern California who does ultrasound guided Piriformis Muscle Injections? It's the only way to go and I'm Desperate. Have a daughter getting married, still get IVIG for disease of my Immune System, multiple Dr. appts., lab visits, etc. I need to be able to sit!!!!!!!  Help!...............Laurie Estes in San Bernardino, CA
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I am convinced I also have piriformis syndrome which I have been dealing with for 1.5 years.  Physical Therapy by 3 different people who all think I have an entrapped sciatic caused by pirformis.  Have been to orthopedic for hip injection.  Neurologist for EMG, 4 MRI's, pain anesthesiologist for multiple injections of piriformis, gluteus, back and hamstring.  Still pain in butt, hip, groin down leg to knee.  I still am very active but running causes a lot of pain as does walking, driving, etc.  I trip a lot because I don't pick my foot up high enough because of the pain.  I have been doing a lot of research and you are lucky because it seems like the piriformis guru is in Los Angelas.  Aaron Filler, who does the surgery plus MR neurography guided injections I believe.  You may want to google him.  Unfortunately I live on the east coast and am still looking for someone closer.  Good luck.
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Dr Aaron Filler, Neurography Institute 310 314 6410
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Dr Aaron Filler, Neurography Institute 310 314 6410
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Going thru exactly same route as you. Just had MRN to conclude i have Piriformis Syndrome, Sciatic Nerve entrapment. i have been given the names of two doctors in NYC
Dr. Christopher Michelsen 212 932 4403
Dr. Sheeraz Ureshi 1 800 637 4624

Good luck! Let me know if it works out
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I would love to know what causes this.  I suffer immense pain on the right side and hav ebeen seeing a Chiropracter for it.  He gets me in a good position and it lasts about a month, but when I go back to him he adjusts a small amount and now I am in a lot of pain again.  I wish I hadn't gone back to him last week as I was doing better before seeing than I am now.  Anyway, I would like to know what causes this syndrome....any answers?
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What are the injections and how expensive is it?
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My husband too is suffering from Piriformis Syndrome, Dr. Neese at the Laser Spine Institute said it was caused from muscle spasms in the L5 while we were awaiting for my husband to receive surgery.  Prior to his surgery his only way to get around was either crawl on his hands and knees or to walk as close to the ground as he could with a walker for guidance.  He could not sit, could not ride, had to lay on his belly even to go from Texas to Oklahoma City for the surgery.  As of today he can now stand but still very painful to sit and or even drive.  We are desperate.  Exploratory surgery at this point would be helpful, since at least our deductible has been met this year.  He has had all kinds of meds, 3 injections, then to a "specialist of muscle trauma" which she gave his 2 injections at the top of his buttocks through different muscles and some kind of injection into the hip bone... Granted he was awake and no numbing shot... He said no more of that!  The pain will not go away... Please if anyone finds the answer to fix this problem.. Please Please share the pain is driving him crazy and in return I am ready to pull my hair out as well... Thank you all
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If you haven't already tried this, place a very hot water bottle beneath the affected piriformis muscle when lying down on your back. Have it as hot as you can bear and keep it there for at least 30 mins.
The heat suffuses the area deeply and relaxes the muscle, which takes the pressure off the sciatic nerve.
This gives me a lot of relief, much more so than the meds.
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