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Poor Circulation

Hello all,
I have been dealing with what I believe to be poor circulation nearly all my life, but recently my symptoms have worsened.  I have always had cold hands and feet, and if I sit in the wrong position, my hands and legs will immediately start tingling.  Yet, these past few months I have noticed an increase in my blackout spells from orthostatic hypotension as well as that my heart races after walking up a flight of stairs.  Even lifting my book bag can set my heart racing.  In my studies, I have noticed a decrease in my ability to focus and complete simple problems.  I am a 19 year-old female who runs three to four times.  I was diagnosed with celiac in 2014, but even after being on the gf diet, my symptoms have not decreased.  Other than that I also have chronic congestion from allergies (medicine does not help) and regular knee pain (my doctor said it's just runner's knee). At this point I have been dealing with my symptoms for so long, I am not sure if I should make a big deal out of it, but I felt I should at least get someone else's advice on the matter.
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celiac disease:  just how thoroughly are you keeping gluten out of your life?  Even trace amounts might be disabling.  Do you buy whole foods and do homecooking?   Was the celiac condition confirmed through a biopsy?

You exercise regularly.  What is your usual:  resting blood pressure?   body temperature?

What sort of allergies?  (I see allergy meds as an absolute last resort, better to identify and avoid the trigger whenever possible - consulting an allergist may be helpful.)  Do you think bedtime relief would help?  I found running a HEPA room air filter at the beginning of the pollen season has been invaluable most years; such a filter is also useful in removing mold spores but of course any mold ought to be removed and its cause resolved.  If you have become sensitized to dust mite excretions, there are pillow and mattress covers to address that.  
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*week (Sorry, I am just struggling today.)
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*three to four times a wekk
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