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Possible Brain Tumor???

To Whom It May Concern,

Hello. I am a 21-year-old female. I discovered this site last night as I was doing research on some symptoms I have been displaying over the last few months, and even years. I am not sure what they are symptoms of, however, a friend of mine brought to my attention that they may very well be the symptoms of a brain tumor. Some of the symptoms include the following: (1) the smell of burnt rubber (more like the pink erasers on the ends of typical HB pencils) out of no where
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The symptoms due need to be evaluated. What I would recommend, is for you to share these concerns with your primary care doctor. They can then perform the correct tests and consulations from there. The symptoms you are describing have a very system wide distribution. The loss of hair, irregular menses, and diarrheal symptoms may be related to endocrine dysfunction or a problem with the pituitary gland. Given the ringing in your ears, headaches, and alteration of smell, a MRI would be reasonable. This will be helpful to exclude structural abnormalities and inflammatory changes. A consultation with a neurologist may be reasonable to also work through these symptoms. Without a more detailed history and examination, I cannot be more specific. Good luck.
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Have u ever had your thyroid gland checked out?
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Hi Pan,

No, I have not had my thyroid gland checked out...I have not had anything checked out - I have yet to go see a doctor regarding any of those things I listed. I am actually quite terrified to go see one, lol.
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Hi I have most if not all of your symptoms. I do have partial complex seizures and Hashimotos thyroiditis, no meds though for Hashimotos.
I actually lose hearing in my left ear and it sometimes feels like a hummingbird lives in my ear!
For me the smell is smoke or a smell like you smell in the radiology room for xrays{i've had my share of tests}. I do have 2 brain lesions in the frontal lobes, no diagnosis yet.
I am a 43{almost} year old woman. I am not overweight but do have weird periods, going thru early menopause too. Actually have been for a few yrs but being on the Pill kind of masked it.
My 10 yr old daughter has some neuro problems too. The drs thought Pseudotumor but spinal tap was only slightly elevated.Plus she doesn't fit the profile for PTC, not overweight, on the Pill or antibiotics for acne.
Good luck with getting a dr to take this seriously. It probably isn't a brain tumor but you won't know until you get some tests done.
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Hi Ntasha, I too have had alot of strange medical mysteries happening to my body lately, as with the other young woman I too am going thru peri menopause as my doc would have it, but honestly he didnt have time to re- assure me on the whole issue of why my hair was falling out, why I too have ringing ears, strange dizzy feelings and a gamit of other very very disturbing matters, including this unreal twitching in my eye lids thats been going on for 2 weeks now! arrrugh*, anyways bout the doc um he isnt my doc anymore!!, we dont need doctors who say to us "Well young lady what do you want me to do?"I was like OMG your the doc you should know what to do!!! (even though I didnt say that to him) I feelt so disregarded and alone that day in his office, Some doctor huh?  needless to say I left there crying*, since havnt been back for a doc visit* anyways I do have the strangest ie* Dizzy sensations*that suddenly come over me and are gone about as fast as they come, a few weeks ago I was having these feelings of "Fading out" (?) almost like im losing it for a few mins and going to pass out, Id sort of just wait them out and they would pass, it scared the living you know what out of me!, also ive been having this muscle/joint pain, (? Not sure which) and for the past month or so I have a very difficult time getting up without pain in my joints, hips especially when Ive been sitting for a while, (its really weird) ( Wondering if this isnt Rhumatiod arthur), sigh* :(, Isnt being a woman lovely? of course as young as you are being only 21 I have to say Im sure for you its probably NOT menopausal, however Im not a doctor so I dont really know. as far as all this goes though the symptoms I have probably arent related to menopause either since my mom never did experience any of these strange things. Ill say this though I have experienced a new relationship after being in one for about 20 years, IM having a very hard time getting use to some of the changes (financial and otherwise), so for me stress could play a large roll in why things are the way they are, (not sure) anyway Ive started taking a multi vitamin and im hoping with the minerals and vitamins I see some changes soon* Or I too will end up back in docs office. I prefer the natural approach to medicine anyway but im not familiar with herbs and such, synthetic stuff scares me with all the cancers and things that are going on as a result of long term usage of things, anyways ill visit back here because im sure Ill have alot of questions for those of you out there who are more knowledgable than myself, Ntasha Good luck in your health dear!:)) Keep in touch.
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