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Possible Brain tumor?

Hi, I'm Taylor. I'm 15 years old and I am a female. It all started when I was in fifth grade (about 5 years ago). I had started to get headaches quite often. It didn't take long for them to become pretty frequent. I have been getting headaches almost every single day ever since then. Even though I have complained to my parents every single day for the past five years about my headaches and migraines, they still haven't taken me to get it checked out. I have told my pediatrician multiple times about it but she just recommended me a therapist. I knew that it wasn't going to help anything but I tried it anyway. Of course the headaches and migraines have persisted. I would get migraines quite often but headaches I would get literally every single day. This is no exaggeration. But now that I am a freshman in highschool I recently smartened up and realized how much of a problem it really is and nobody but myself is going to help me out with this problem. Recently in the past maybe two weeks I have had migraines every single day, not just headaches. Gradually over the past two weeks they haven't gotten worse and worse and a lot more frequent. Right now it has gotten to a very severe point and I am very worried. I have many symptoms of a brain tumor and I'm very worried that I might have one. My grandfather died of a brain tumor when I was in sixth grade so it may or may not be genetics. He had glyoblastoma (not sure if that's the right spelling). There were almost no warning signs with him, he just took a trip to the doctors and they found a tumor. It was so sudden and nobody had even noticed that anything was different about him. I seriously need help. I basically demanded my parents to make me a doctors appointment but they think that I need one with my pediatrician. I'm not sure if that will be enough or if I should meet with a neurologist. This is very urgent and I'm very scared. Please somebody help me out.
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I definitely think you should get help for your headaches by a headache specialist. If you can go to a neurologist do that.

I think that the risk that you have a brain tumor is the same as the risk of a meteorite crashing on your head, that is; very small. But still, these migraines you are having can seriously disturb you and interfere with your education etc and you need help to get them under control. There is help to get. You shouldn't have to feel like this. You must get a good doc to help you through this.

Take care!
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hi my name is helen i have been unwell for a while i have pain down my left side of my body and get bad headaces every day im sleeping all the time and i have started been sick before going to bed imjust not myself and im slavering down one side of my mouth my mum had a stroke in her 20 and my sister had one about 10 week ago and my brother has well thankyou for your help and im 42 years old
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i have been to the doctors she is sending me for a brain scan in the next 2 weeks
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It is good that you are going for the brain scan. A MRI is the best but ct scan is acceptable. Then you might need to see a good neurologist.

What was the reason that your family members suffered these strokes, was it ever figured out?

You might need a good stroke-preventive treatment to reduce your risk of suffering a stroke too.

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