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Pressure in Right Temple

I have been experiencing a dull sense of pressure on my right temple...it comes and goes but happens randomly throughout the day...I have had this problem before but this was months ago.

It feels like someone pushing on my right temple....I wouldn't call it pain...it's just a general discomfort.  It ONLY happens on the right side of my head.

I don't consider it a headache...but it's very irritating and the pressure is distracting.

I have no other symptoms, am very healthy, exercise daily (maybe the cause ?), and not too stressed out with thoughts...

Any ideas?
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I have been having the same thing in my right temple for about a month now..like u say not painful but irritating and comes randomly thru-out the day. I also can feel my vein on that side get bigger when i feel the dull pressure..
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When you say you can feel the vein getting bigger on that side do you mean you can feel it pulsating (like without touching it)? I am so lost. My right temple started having this irregular pressure-like feeling on June 8th of 2018 and has not left since. I had an mri a month before due to a concussion I endured and because it was clear they won't look into it any further. Just labeling it a chronic migraine and keep putting me on different meds with no change whatsoever. I also have random pins and needles feeling in my head. Is this anything like you?
m1ssm3g4n.... did you ever figure out what was going on? i've had the same symptoms - temple pressure/throbbing (almost feels numb), sometimes radiates out to my eyebrow, ear and jaw....always on the right side. i've had a few other issues going on and am definitely stressed. my primary care doctor wouldn't refer me to a neurologist.....said it's "just stress".

hope everyone found some relief and answers.
Hi gretch_a_sketch.  I wonder why your doctor won't refer you?  Did they say?  What is their explanation for your symptom?  In the things I read, it states you need medical attention.  https://www.health.harvard.edu/diseases-and-conditions/whats-that-constant-headache-pain-in-the-temples  This could be Temporal arteritis .  Could be off the mark as it is actually an immune issue and often has other cold type symptoms. But it does cause discomfort on one side of he temple.  If it is constant I'd continue to try to get answers.  If i is occasional, I'd think more like maybe migraine which can be on one side like that. A cluster migraine can cause the sensation down the arm or limbs like you describe as well.  https://jnnp.bmj.com/content/jnnp/51/8/1022.full.pdf  Let me know how you are doing.
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