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Pro Athlete with three consecutive concussions

I hit my head the first time around November 12, then again November 18, and one more time November 25. All three were VERY hard.  Ever since the first one I have had ear and eye pain (including head pain) that gets much worse when i exercise hard. I am in the middle of my cycling season so i continued to race even though my fitness is getting progressively worse and i cannot race hard because the painful pressure in my ears and eyes in addition to the head pain.  Also, I am very sensitive to sound and light.  I am not sure if i should continue to ride easy or none at all. And am i making the head damage worse by racing? What if i ride just under the point where the pain returns, am i doing damage, or prolonging the injury?  I had a Cat scan and the neurologist said he didn't see anything.  Since i rely on my salary as an athlete it is tough to just stop riding. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks so much.
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Since your neurologist wasn't able to see anything wrong with you, except for the eye, ear and head pain which is likely related to a concussion, these symptoms may resolve within a few weeks to several months time.

However, pushing yourself in spite of these symptoms might be dangerous for you, not only in making your symptoms worse and longer to recover, but also as it may lead to an accident while you are cycling.

Ideally, you should rest until all symptoms have resolved. However, I understand your dilemma as a professional cyclist. It would probably be best to talk to your neurologist and ask him about this as he is the one who has personally examined you and would know if continuing to ride would be very detrimental to your health.

Good luck.
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Thanks so much for your advice. I really appreciate it. I feel much better now knowing what you think.
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