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I have been diignosed with this and was wondering if anyone who has had this could tell me what to expect as in test and treatments. What should I expect from my first appotment with the neurologist? Thanks in advance.
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I haven't experienced this, but thought I would post just to let you know that someone IS here and listening...err reading.
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  Hi...PTC is when u have too much CSF, reasons r varied....could be u have an obstruction, or ur body is making too much too fast, or ur body is just not absorbing the excess.

Many times the Drs will try DIAMOX first to try and control the levels.

A tilt table test and a LP may be done as well as a Brain MRI.......

There is a member cath278 that has this and I am sure she will pop on and comment.

It all depends on how this was dx'd and how  they feel it developed and all drs r diff....

What symptoms and issues have u been having?
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I have had no stop headache and nause and vomiting for over 5 weeks. And my optic nerves are swollen. I went to a Retnia specialist and I also have some visual field loss.
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Thank you. It's nice to know someone is there.
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Hi every one. My name is Cath and I have IIH or as it is known state side,PTC.
It is a very rare disorder-illness and there is still not a lot known about it.
I have been sick for 4 years now, and have seen and done just about it all by now! If, any one needs some help, guidance or support, please message me and I will do all I can to help. Cath
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  So glad u joined in on this as u seem to have the most experience unfortunately on this.....

  It was also good to catch up with u....we have to keep in touch better...hope u have an enjoyable   Easter : )
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