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Qeeg report need help

Hello, so a few years ago I had a few comcussions and was also doing illicit drugs and I had this exsperiencd where it felt like I was having a seizure and then I passed out out of the blue and I woke up never the same since.

I have got a referral to see a neurologist from my go but they were to busy to accept, in this few years I have been unemployed with symptoms such as tingling numbing ms pains and twitching in my body, depersonalisation, memory problems, loss of thinking and imagaination and anhedonia.

I will link the reports below I was wondering if any exasperated or people familiar in the study of the brain or any professional can give me some answers or advice on what these findings represent. As due to the situation I have not seen a specialist and really need desperate help.

Thank you to anyone reading and also for any advice to what dilemma has destroyed my life.



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IF the types of diagnosis's you are being told are your potential explanation are "ADHD-autism-depression-phychosis- and depersonalisation disorder " because of the types of symptoms you're experiencing then you really need to see a dr that specialises in diagnosing those types of conditions, which would be a psychiatrist or psychologist and have a psychological dx confirmed or ruled out by appropriate testing.

btw Many recreational drugs can induce psychotic symptoms that can mimic serious psychiatric disorders, but it's highly unlikely to be something like Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which is developmental, when your saying these issues only happened after you were doing illicit drugs and or experienced multiple head trauma incidents (concussions).

Hope that helps.......JJ
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Hi thanks yeah that does help because I also thought that developmentally if you are fine to a certain point generally well then you usually not put that down to the cause, like from birth etc. although I'm not entirely sure because your reality is not different when you know nothing else kind of thing etc being born with autism adhd you may not know what is any different or the issues etc.

the problems seemed to come on, im wondering if rx drugs could of led to me loosing these things I have been on many different antidepressents it seemed my performance declined after taking Zoloft. Maybe that could of done some damage? also the head trauma and illict drugs.

will a specialist or neurologist be able to help is what im wondering based on my eeg readings but otherwise I can somewhat understand what you mean. Thanks
all of it is speculation but I still live with these issues
Theoretically IF you have unknowingly been Autistic (high functioning or Aspergers) your entire life, you may not of been fully aware whilst growing up that you were socially inept, eccentric etc etc but just about everyone who'd interacted with you throughout your school years would of picked up there was something oddly different about you, even if they couldn't exactly name it

Keep in mind your actually saying you changed after doing drugs,  possibly seizing and passing out so ASD would be very unlikely, same with ADHD with or without Autism because your symptoms (tingling numbing ms pains and twitching in my body, depersonalisation, memory problems, loss of thinking and imagaination and anhedonia) are not generally related to either condition.

If your speculating it would be in your best interest to be open minded to the potential of this being a drug or trauma induced brain injury.....

"12.3 Does substance use predispose individuals to brain injury?

Substance use (including alcohol, cannabis and other illicit substances) has been associated with brain
injury. Up to 40% of individuals with a brain injury have been found to meet DSM-IV criteria for substance
use disorders prior to the injury. Conversely, 68% of people with a substance use disorder have also been
found to have had some sort of previous head injury(503, 504).
While there is a strong relationship between substance use and brain injury, the order of causality remains
unclear(504-506). Some debate also remains as to whether substance use or its severity is an actual predictor
of brain injury(507, 508). "

Your best bet for the types of symptoms you're experiencing would be to see a psychiatrist who can diagnose all the conditions you've been told it might be and also order MRI's, CT's, blood tests etc etc if necessary and prescribe appropriate symptom relief. You might consider seeing a therapist or psychologist about cognitive behavioural training which might be helpful to you too.

hope that helps........JJ
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The tests I have had is a normal blood test, a eeg and that is it. I have been evaluated by many pdocs who have said things from ADHD-autism-depression-phychosis- and depersonalisation disorder all very vague.
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Alternative link for whole folder if above are not working.

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