Has any one ever had there legs jerk after they get into bed, but are still awake?  It is driving me crazy.  I also have buzzing and tingling in my feet and lower legs in the day, especially if I stand in one place to long?  Does any one know what is causing this?  sweetpotatoe57
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my legs twitch all the time when i am lying in bed. it also stoppes me going to sleep. i have also heard about the low ferritin levels and RLS.

It is a very individual thing and different people respond to different epople. unfortunately its a matterof try it and see. i still havent found anything for mine yet but luckily it only happens periodically
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I read something about low ferritin levels (stored iron)  being a cause of Restless Leg Syndrome. You can have normal iron levels, and still have low ferritin. You can ask your doctor for a ferritin level test, and see if this is the case for you. Many people have been cured, but it takes a long time to raise your ferritin, apparently. Does anyone else have information about this?

Also, magnesium may help with this. An intracellular magnesium screen is a better test for checking your magnesium level. Many people with RLS are deficient in this mineral.

Hope this helps a bit.

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I think ur tag is ur answer.....restless leg syndrome...havae u seen a dr?

Good luck
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