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Radar-pings in my head??

Literally, I just had the strangest experience occur to me. I was sitting on my bed with my head against the pillow and I starting hearing these radar sounds, like the ones from those military movies? They came in evenly spaced intervals, each ping started off loud and then reversed/faded like in the movies, and what's weird is I couldn't locate a single source. There were no electronics that could've caused that sound (to my knowledge), it sounded more than faint but less than clear, and had no direction to it. It's literally as if it was eminating from above my head but more lower. It persisted too when I got up and searched the house. Never faded, never faltered. It only started to falter when after a minute and basically it pinged, slipped a ping, pinged again, then nothing. I was reading up on it with tinnitus, people having RF Hearing, and found a page of people who claim to hear radio stations but I just wanna know wth is going on lol.
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Has this continued since it happened the one time? As you said, this could be something with your ears, or even something neurological. If it's still happening, talk to your doctor and probably see an Ear, Nose and Throat doc first.
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Is it almost like a dud firecracker sound? I have had these for a few yrs now. It's like a firing or something. Always at night during rest right at sleep or upon awaking..I stocked it down as stress related..when it happens my head will buzz as well. I do have Tinnitis. For 3 yrs now. It usually gets louder as well..
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