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Random Muscle Twitching all over the body since 1 month non-stop

Before 3 months, I developed an unusual body pain which felt like it come from either Muscle or Nerve. It was unusual pain which I haven't had before earlier. It started after a stressful work week which I had. Since then, I did numerous tests like MRI (C-Spine, Spine & Brain), EMG, NCV/NCS, ECG, Doppler ECG, Stress ECG, Urine test, Blood tests a lot them, X-Ray etc.

Everything came normal except Vitamin D level which was 13.5. I got one panic attack in July 28th, in midst of that attack I saw my body had noticeable twitches in right left calf muscle. I might have had those before, but they were not as pumping, and noticeable. I assume that was due to anxiety as I never had noticeable twitches ever in my life.

Afterwards, for the Random Muscle/Nerve pain my neuro who is expert in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) said you are good in neuro point of view as tests came out normal + reflexes are normal. But he suspected Fibromyalgia. I was started to Vitamin D supplements, Cyclobenzaprine and Repison medicine. After 20 days of taking medicine and lowering down stress, my unusual body pain became very less & I finally felt life again. But the problem was the Muscle twitching didn't go anywhere. It constantly twitches since 40 days everywhere in body, from face to feet. I feel fatigued a lot of time during day and even I feel vibrating at times when I lay down. I did magnesium test to be double sure, along with Potassium and Sodium and all 3 were normal.

1.) Although, the possibility is very unlikely. Does this look like ALS beginning? I hope it's not as it's rare.
2.) Let's assume twitching came due to anxiety from panic attack. But I don't understand does that same kind of twitching stays for over a month after being anxious ? Doesn't make any sense
3.) What should I do ?
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I have the same thing as far as twitching. Both my doctors say anxiety, too much caffeine ect. So in other words I feel like there is no specific cause....I have it on my lower lip, eye and every where else on my body. I have had the vitamin level blood tests ect that are all normal and my GP said its not MS so I don’t know either. All i can say is it sounds like you have a good neurologist who would know if there was a scary problem which it sounds like there isn’t. I would just try not to think about it (hard I know) and see if you forget about it
That's what I can take on as of now. Thinking Positive, But I am feeling weak in my palms, I am having a tough time curling fingers / Opening Fist. I hope it is due to a 12 Hour Jetlag which I am currently having.
probably is! or maybe the vitamin D. I have an underactive thyroid so im *hoping* its from that. Rereading your post you mentioned you got MRI ect thats great that it was all normal. I would try and let that put your mind at ease.  
Let's hope so. Weakness in palm is no more after 10 days. So, probably not ALS.
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