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Right Temple

My husband has a headache in his right temple for over three weeks now.  At first he wasn't sure if it was sinus related (although he did not have any sinus issues), so he used OTC sinus medication, but to no avail.  He  used hot/cold compresses, steam, massage, you name it, but this headache will not go away.  His GP has scheduled a Head CT scan w/o contrast.  Should he also be having an MRI or MRA done?  I am just wanting to make sure that the CT is an all encompassing test where they can see everything related to sinuses, clots, tumors, venous issues, etc. I have had a few medical procedures, and understand that certain tests screen for certain things.  By ordering just a CT scan it sounds as if his GP is looking for something specific, and by not order the other tests it sounds like he is ruling other things out, does that sound plausible?  Also, he did not order lab work.  Shouldn't this have been done as well, or not necessarily?  (Remember, I am the wife, so I am being over-protective).

Thanks for your time.
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should order lab work after CT is performed if nothing comes up then do lab i might suggest urine test maybe a really bad kidney infection tht may be spreading god bless
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it's just my humble opinion, but i believe your gp is on the right track with the ct...it nothing shows, he will nost likely order blood work and maybe refer him to see an ent or neurologist...good luck and let us know how he makes out!
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Thank you for the encouragement. He had the scan tonight, should receive results next week...
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Hi there.  Pain on right temple could need exclusion of migraines, temporal arteritis, cerebral aneurysm, a brain tumor, cerebrovascular hemorrhage and hence would need an MRI and MRA.
Your doctor may not have wanted to order all investigations at a go. He might have wanted to rule out certain things on CT scan and the rest options later if it was inconclusive.
Blood workup is not required before an imaging result shows up some abnormality.
Hope this helps. Take care.
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Hi. You didnt mention your husbands age. If he is over 50yrs, get his dr to do an ESR sed rate tests.
Its a simple test that can be done in the drs office.
That will get the ball rolling.
I was diagnoses with TA (Temporal Arteritis) a few years ago.
If you need any help , drop me a line. Cath278.
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