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Ringing in ears

Hello,I'm a 21 year old male who for the past 3 months have had ringing in my ears. Its in both of them and I only really notice it when I'm in a real quite room or when I'm trying to sleep, what could this be? I don't really have headaches or dizziness, but am tired and sometimes weak, please help and respond!
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over 50 million people have tinnitus it is very common. including people like William shatner(who had it so bad he almost commited suicide) Leonard Nimoy and Trent Reznor(front man for Nine Inch Nails)

head over to this website(they may be able to tell you more)


Do you experiance any pain, or dizziness(vertigo in paticular not lightheadedness) pressure, or the feeling of fullness in your ear? any jaw pain?
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A lot of people have ringing in there ears it is called tinnitus. Since you are only hearing it when the room is quite it is probably do to to much loud noise. Do you go to concerts or listen to loud music? If you are really worried see an ear nose and throat doctor. But in my opinion, but I am not a doctor, it is probably nothing to worry about.
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