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SEVERE migraines/headaches months after head injury

On September 1st, 2010, I attempted to do a flip into a pool, hit my head on the bottom and consequently received 9 staples on the top of my head and fractured my C5 vertebrae. Since then I've had severe migraines or headaches everyday. I've tried many medications, natural and prescription, as well as acupuncture and physical therapy. Nothing has helped so far. These headaches have kept me from school, sports and my social life, and I need help finding a solution, PLEASE HELP. (I'm only 16)
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I had a mild traumatic brain in May 2009 and the Post Concussion Syndrome followed.  I have had dull headaches, dizziness (not vertigo), fatigue etc., all along.

Been to all the specialists, tried many meds, therapies etc., with not much success.  TBI headaches are difficult to treat.  But there are lots migraine medication and even shots which seems to be working good for some head injured sufferers. (Imitrex, intravenous magnesium etc.,)  Lately I heard Botox injections doing a good job for severe headaches.

If severe headaches is your biggest concern then consult a good Neurologist or you can go to some good hospital. (http://www.mhni.com)   You definitely have lot of options available.

Besides that there are other therapies like Neurofeedback, supplements, crano sacral therapy etc., also you can try.

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I have both severe head aches and severe migraines. Moderate to severe headaches accompanied by migraines, which are one sided, that vary in frequency. I have not had an mri, but have had CT scans where nothing was found. Do you have any suggestions for treatment of both the headaches and migraines?
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Hi there. Do you have severe headaches or severe migraines? Have the headaches been diagnosed so?  These could be due to some intracranial bleed following the head injury that you sustained last year. Did they do an MRI head after the head injury ? Please consult a neurologist at the earliest to get a detailed investigation of your neurological function since the onset of headaches coincides with the head injury and migraines are usually one sided and not associate with trauma. Correct diagnosis will help in proper therapy. Take care.

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